Want to join us at Sony’s exclusive Google TV all access party?

Google I/O is just around the corner, and whether or not you were able to register, come to Sony’s Google TV All Access Party on June 28th at 7:30pm. Join for cocktails and appetizers while learning about the latest Sony Google TV product. Register now, because the first 500 people through the door will receive a free Sony Internet Player with Google TV!

And if you weren’t one of the lucky 5,000+ people to get a Google I/O ticket (even though you had six registration windows open and ready to go at 7am), and if you’re not willing to shell $4000 USD for a ticket on eBay, join us across the street from the Moscone Center for a FREE developer event. On June 27 and 28, from 10am to 4pm, come to the WIP Demo Lounge where you can check out all of the latest Xperia™ smartphones, get the latest developer info, enjoy free food and drinks, and more!

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Want to join us at Sony’s exclusive Google TV all access party?

Google and Sony Ericsson give out Xperia™ PLAYs at Google I/O 2011

At this year’s Google I/O 2011 Developer Conference, Sony Ericsson joined Google in giving out Xperia™ PLAY devices at the “Bringing C and C++ Games to Android” session. By putting the devices directly into the hands of developers, we hope this provides the spark for seeing more games optimized for Xperia™ PLAY. We’ve also provided a set of Game Developer Recommendations on our Developer World site.

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Google and Sony Ericsson give out Xperia™ PLAYs at Google I/O 2011

Sony Ericsson top 5 list from Google IO

Last week I, Karl-Johan Dahlström, and some of my colleagues at Developer Program went to San Francisco for Google IO. I wanted to give you some reflections from the event that took place at Moscone West centre. First of all the Moscone West center, with a capacity of 5000 people, seems a bit small if you ask me considering the number of people who could not get tickets to the event. Let’s hope for bigger venue next year since the interest in Android will continue to increase. I had some really interesting and intense days and got to see all the amazing things that is happening with Android and products based on Android. Below is my top 5 list of things that was announced and happened at the show:

1)      FroYo announcement and of course the performance boost via JIT compiler. http://developer.android.com/sdk/android-2.2-highlights.html

2)      PayPals Mobile Payment library available for Android, need to check if apps are allowed to use this on Android Market. https://www.thepaypalblog.com/2010/05/paypal’s-mobile-payments-library-now-available-for-android-io2010/

3)      The first Google TV from Sony, this is soooo cool how the TV and Internet get seamless integrated and together with the Cloud to device API it gets even more interesting. http://www.google.com/tv/

4)      Cloud to device APIs, this will definitely create new opportunities, check the demos on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBQFXRW5ZiE

5)      Tried the Perceptive Pixel multitouch screen at the After Party. Loved it. Not sure what I can use it for back home, but I want one 😉 http://www.perceptivepixel.com/index.html

Comments and your personal top 5 lists are welcome

Besides me and my colleagues from the Developer Program, Sony Ericsson participated at Google IO with a good mix of people, everything from Product Managers, Software Architects, UI-people, and software developers. We showed off our great Android devices at the OEM Sandbox station, and the interest for X10, X10 mini and X10 mini pro was huge. The people I spoke to love the small size of mini and the experience we created on all of our devices. The fact that X10 mini stands out from the crowed of Android devices was really appreciated.

For the people that have not yet seen the keynotes, below is a link to the sessions.


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Google I/O – SCVNGR Social Game – Secret word

If you are participating in the SCVNGR game you should visit Sony Ericsson in the OEM Sandbox. We will have a demo station in the Android area to show XPERIA™ X-10, XPERIA™ X-10 mini and XPERIA™ X-10 mini pro. The secret word to type in when you have scanned our bar code  is “TIMESCAPE”. 

Good luck with the rest of the competition.

Check out the OEM Sandbox at http://code.google.com/events/io/2010/sandbox.html

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Sony Ericsson at Google I/O – 2010

Come and join us at the leading android developer event of the year. Meet the Developer program team from Lund and Redwood  at Google I/O in San Francisco.

There will be 4000 developers gathering  together during two days.  Me and my colleagues will showcase our signature application at the X-10 and both X-10 mini and X-10 mini pro.

I hope you will show us your coolest applications and run them on our new devices. It´s easy to find us in the “Android area” where we will be demonstrating in the “developer sandbox”. Read more about what you´ll discover in this area. http://code.google.com/events/io/2010/sandbox.html

Together with  four other invited handset manufactures we will be a part of a fireside chat on May 20 at 1PM. The session will be moderated by Eric  Chu from Google and involve all panelists and the audience during one intensive hour. Read more about the session http://code.google.com/events/io/2010/sessions/fireside-chat-android-handset-manufacturers.html

I hope to meet you at Moscone West in San Francisco May 19-20. Some of my other colleagues you will meet in the “OEM sandbox” are Karl-Johan Dahlstrom, Erik Hellman, Bill Maggs, Sheana Hogan, Eric Ang, Magnus T Johansson and Sachin Anand.

More information about the event:


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