Get a free SmartWatch & promotion in Sony’s social media channels

***Update: The campaign has now ended.***

Do you have a brilliant app idea for the Sony SmartWatch? If so, your innovation could earn you a SmartWatch of your own. That’s right, we’re giving qualified developers their very own SmartWatch, Sony’s micro display for Android smartphones, which gives users wireless and discreet access to calls, message and apps. And if you upload your app to Google Play before June 26, you will have the chance to be promoted in Sony’s online marketing channels.

Develop a SmartWatch app extension – earn a FREE SmartWatch, FREE headset, FREE app promotion
Have you started developing an app for the Sony SmartWatch, our smart micro display accessory for Android smartphones? Or maybe you’ve got a cool idea in mind? Whatever your inspiration may be, we’re now kicking off a campaign in search of great SmartWatch app innovations, and in return, we’re ready to give you your own SmartWatch if you’re a qualified developer.But the story doesn’t end there. If you create and upload your SmartWatch app extension to Google Play before June 26 2012, we will show our gratitude to the most useful (in our mind) Smart Watch app extensions from developers, by handing out a large number of Smart Wireless Headset pros.

And if you’ve created a really cool or useful app, we might ask for your app to be promoted in Sony’s online marketing channels, like the Sony Mobile Facebook page (with close to 7 million fans), as well as getting a slot in the Recommender app, installed on more than 10 million Sony Xperia™ smartphones. If we think your app extension has what it takes, we will contact you for further discussions.

Step 1 – coming up with an idea and applying for a SmartWatch
So if you’re an Android developer interested in creating a SmartWatch app extension, start with the following steps:

  1. Come up with a solid idea for a SmartWatch app extension. Feel free to check out the Sony Add-on SDK for reference.
  2. Apply for a free SmartWatch using this form (Note that the campaign has ended and the survey is closed).

To get a SmartWatch, you must be an Android developer with some experience, and we want you to have a solid idea for what you want to develop. Please provide your name, email and a shipping address so that we can get in contact with you and send you the device if you’re selected. This initiative is open for applications globally, but we prioritise app extensions in English.

Step 2 – develop, upload and notify us about your SmartWatch app extension
To continue on your SmartWatch app extension project, and to apply for a headset and potential promotion in Sony online marketing channels, please follow these steps:

  1. Develop a useful SmartWatch app extension using the Sony Add-on SDK.
  2. Apply for a free headset and promotion in Sony online marketing channels by notifying us. Just enter some short information about your app extension and shipping details in this form no later than June 26 2012.

We will go through all app extensions submitted and get in contact with all those getting a headset, as well as those who we want to promote.

Apply directly at AnDevCon or Google I/O

Now if you’re planning to attend either AnDevCon or later Google I/O, you’ll be able to apply and get a SmartWatch straight away! Just come up and talk to us in the booth, and we’ll explain all the details. AnDevCon III is happening from the 14th of 17th of May at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, California. You can find us in booth #406. If you’re going to AnDevCon, remember not to miss our SmartWatch developer session on Wednesday, May 16th at 3:30 PM where you’ll learn how to develop your own SmartWatch app extensions to create new, innovative use cases and get better visibility. Find out more about this, including a discount code, in our AnDevCon III blog post.

So who’s up for the challenge?

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