Open SmartWatch Project

Find information on how to create and flash alternative firmware to SmartWatch.

Dynamic sensor HAL

DASH is our Android sensor HAL implementation, which is available as open source on GitHub. It that has scalability and configurability in its design, to make it work across multiple devices. In this article, Oskar Anderö, a Sony Mobile software engineer, explains how DASH works, and how developers can contribute.


ANT+ is a power-efficient digital wireless personal network protocol standard, mainly designed for gathering and transfer of sensor data. It is widely used within the sports and health industry.


WebGL is a low-level API JavaScript API which enables support for 3D graphics. WebGL lets application developers take advantage of capabilities provided by the smartphone's graphical processor unit. For end users, this means that they will be able to enjoy more interactive and responsive applications without any installing any plug-in modules in the web browser.