Ever wanted to peek inside and know more about your application? Curious to know what permissions your application uses, what Android™ version it supports, libraries it depends on and more? Well a simple answer to all app questions is now on Google Play – Sony Xperia™ AppXplore. And it works on all phones running Android 2.1 and above!

With AppXplore you can dig inside all the applications installed on your Android™ device and learn many application details like application version, package names, certificate validity dates, application signature, permissions, activities and lots more.

A simple UI and some nice features make it great tool especially for Android™ developers and learners. AppXplore promises to be one of the best applications on Google Play to “Xplore” more about Android.

The latest version of AppXplore includes the following features:

  • New filter for applications having targetSDKVersion less than 23 (M).
  • New filter for applications targeted Auto backup feature.
  • New filter for applications having non granted permissions.
  • Introduction in Help page for detailed information.

Download AppXplore
You can download Sony Xperia™ AppXplore from Google Play.

How to use AppXplore
The AppXplore application is very simple and easy to use. Find descriptions of the different views below.

Main view
This is the main view that comes up when you launch the AppXplore application on an Android device. It shows the list of all Android applications installed on the device. You can press the device menu key for more options – Search your app, Filter applications, System Information, About.

AppXplore main view with options.

AppXplore main view with options.

Main view – Search your app
Tap Search your app to search for any particular application you may be interested in. The search functionality is extremely useful if the list of applications is long.

Search for apps in AppXplore.

Search for apps in AppXplore.

Main view – Filter applications
You can filter the applications installed on the device. If you tap Filter applications in the main view, the Filter applications menu appears. This feature is extremely useful when you want to know if any application supports a particular parameter. You can filter applications in three ways:

  • Debug flag enabled – This option will filter out all the applications on your phone having set the Debug flag to enabled in the Android manifest file.
  • Backup agent support – If you tap Backup agent support from the Filter applications menu, all applications defined as Backup Agents in their Android manifest will appear. Application names and package names will be displayed in the Backup Agent Apps view.
  • Using shared libraries – This option will filter out all applications that are using shared libraries.
Filtering apps in AppXplore.

Filtering apps in AppXplore.

Using shared library option from Filter menu

Using shared library option from Filter menu.

Main view – System information
In the System information window, you can view information about the device that is running AppXplore, including Manufacturer, Brand, Model, Device, and more.

System information view in AppXplore.

System information view in AppXplore.

Main view – About
The About window shows the version number and copyright information for AppXplore.

About view in AppXplore.

About view in AppXplore.

Package details view
You can get detailed information about any application by tapping on that application in the Package details view. For example, when tapping the Facebook™ application, all static information such as the version name, certificate, and permissions will be displayed. Press the device menu key for options – Save the same information on the memory card, to Share the app details by email or as a text message, View app resources, and Open App Info.

AppXplore package details

AppXplore package details

In the Package details view, risky permissions (signature and SignatureOr system) are highlighted in yellow or red. Red text indicates the personal information and user data being used by the app. Yellow text indicates less sensitive personal information.

Package details view with Permissions

Highlighting of risky permissions used by app indicated by red or yellow text.

Package details view – View Resources
The View Resources option allows you to view the resource details and resource summary for an app, as well the options to save or share the resource information.

Resources Details view with Save/Share options.

Resources Details view with Save, Share, and other options.

Package details view – Open App Info

The Open App Info option is a shortcut to opening the App Info window for the specified app. From this window, you’ll be able to perform app actions such as Force stop, Disable, moving files to internal storage, clearing data, and clearing cache.

AppXplore App Info view

App Info view in AppXplore.