Droidcon Tel Aviv 2014

Jun 11, 2014 - Jun 12, 2014 | Tel Aviv, Israel

Droidcon Tel Aviv 2014

The largest Android conference in Europe is coming to Tel Aviv! Find out about all the latest Android advances, listen to expert speakers, see fantastic new technologies, and meet the international Android community. Droidcon is all about Android – meeting the Android community, learning about the latest develops and giving you a stage to talk about your apps and solutions or just discuss a problem you are facing. Droidcon is also about how businesses are increasingly utilizing Android and how companies and freelance developers can make money out of this. Finally, Droidcon will be the platform to discuss bleeding edge technology in the Android field and see where it all goes. For more information, please go to the Droidcon Tel Aviv home page.

Sony is a Global sponsor of Droidcon Tel Aviv, which takes place from the 11th – 12th of June, and includes a conference on the first day and a barcamp on the second day. Troed Sangberg, Developer Advocate at Sony, will also be a speaker at the event with a session on June 11, at 11:00, covering custom watch faces, remote verification, and the SmartEyeglass concept. James Newnorth, Developer Evangelist at Sony, will be a speaker at the event with a session on June 12 at 12:40 pm, covering how to develop with the Sony Camera Remote API.

James Newnorth

James Newnorth, Developer Evangelist

James Newnorth, Developer Evangelist at Sony

James Newnorth is all about software development and loves challenges. James is working as a hackathon community manager within the Developer Program at Sony, and has done everything from Commodore 64 to Android mobile phone development. He started out developing games at the age of 12 and has since then been programming almost every day, you can find him streaming code sessions online several times per week. His passion for Android ended up in wearable’s as he saw the potential for life improving software just around the corner in that area.

Troed Sångberg

Developer Advocate at Sony.

Developer Advocate at Sony.

Troed Sångberg is a developer advocate with Sony Developer Relations. With a core technical background as a professional telecom developer since the late 90s, he has also worked with research projects and directing strategy at several influential companies in the mobile arena. A keen interest in the intersection between disruptive technology and the culture of society has made him focus on the decentralisation of creation – how anyone anywhere can invent, distribute and disrupt. Troed can be followed at Sony Developer World.

Email: Troed.Sangberg at SonyMobile.com