Sony’s Open Devices amplifies the openness of Sailfish OS

Sony’s Open Devices Program opens up the software for selected Xperia™ devices and allows developers to use and contribute to the software. This is a great way to improve software together with the developer community.

A recent example of this is an initiative from Jolla, a mobile company from Finland. They have recently opened up their own OS for Sony’s Xperia™ X, with an implementation called “Sailfish X”. By making the hardware adaptation sources and instructions publicly available, they enable developers to create a Sailfish OS image and flash it to their own Sony Xperia™ X.

The aim of this initiative is to get developers to create their own images and even help Jolla out by contributing back to those open source hardware adaptation repositories, which will be used for the official Sailfish X images and updates.

This is one of the many benefits with Sony’s Open Devices Program.

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