Xperia XZ Premium now part of Sony’s Open Devices program

The Xperia™ XZ Premium has now been added to Sony’s Open Devices program. This means you can now build and flash your own version of Android N on Xperia XZ Premium devices. This software is meant for developers and can be unstable due to its early stage.

Get started using our easy-to-follow build guide for instructions on building AOSP for your Xperia XZ Premium. Remember to download the necessary software binaries before you begin.

As you may know, the Open Devices program is our way to provide access and tools to build and test your custom software on a range of Sony devices. You can access all the resources you need through our Open Devices page on Developer World. We value our open source community and welcome you to participate in our projects via GitHub. Feel free to provide feedback on further resources you may need and where we can improve.

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  1. By jade O'brien


    I have the Sony Xperia XA it brock 3 times and I have to pay for it I’m not happy with it just to let everyone know that’s its not a good phone

  2. By Rich White


    Sony needs to update it’s policy regarding backing up its devices. When you get such limited storage to store your devices data that it can be full after 2 backups and no ability to write over previous data then they need to increase it or give the option to buy more storage. Expecting you to buy a data bank or transfer everything over to Google’s servers isn’t good enough.

  3. By Dominique Buzon


    Like many people on XDA and around the world I dream of an awesome Xperia like this that we could ROOT and still benefit of what it makes it unique. A dream where Sony would be all the way aside the developers who can make it a war machine and give them its full support. I want my dream become true! Sony executive people and staff, could you be involved in such a nice reachable goal? A device that could be the elephant in the house, even praised by the International mustached of XDA! Does become the brand of the recognized BEST smartphones interest you? You’re welcome!

    A loyal follower since the Xperia Z

  4. By Alioscia Dal Magro


    WHAT CAN I DO?????

  5. By Ajmal Safi


    Is there any hope to see Sony XA1 Ultra on Sony’s Open Devices program?



      Wen Will be possíble buie the Sony Experia xz premium, in Brazil?

      • By Johan Hansson


        Hi Elisabete,

        The easiest way to find local information about our products is to contact your local support. You can find the brazilian support here:

        Kind regards,
        Johan from Developer World

    • By Johan Hansson


      Hi Ajmal,

      Thank you for your interest in the Xperia XA1 Ultra. Our Open Devices program currently only supports Qualcomm SoCs. Since the Xperia XA1 Ultra doesn’t run on Qualcomm hardware we do not support it at this time.

      Kind regards,
      Johan from Developer World

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