Xperia XZ Premium now part of Sony’s Open Devices program

The Xperia™ XZ Premium has now been added to Sony’s Open Devices program. This means you can now build and flash your own version of Android N on Xperia XZ Premium devices. This software is meant for developers and can be unstable due to its early stage.

Get started using our easy-to-follow build guide for instructions on building AOSP for your Xperia XZ Premium. Remember to download the necessary software binaries before you begin.

As you may know, the Open Devices program is our way to provide access and tools to build and test your custom software on a range of Sony devices. You can access all the resources you need through our Open Devices page on Developer World. We value our open source community and welcome you to participate in our projects via GitHub. Feel free to provide feedback on further resources you may need and where we can improve.

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  2. By В Рай


    Combine the plugs for USB and headphones into 1, one plug for usb charging headphones, and make it like a normal headphone jack with 5 pins.

  3. By В Рай


    Объедините штекеры для USB и наушников в 1, один штекер для наушники usb зарядки, и сделать его как обычный разъем для наушников с 5 контактами.

  4. By В Рай


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  5. By လွင်မင်းထွန်း LwinMinTun


    How about Xperia Z5 Dual?

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  9. By 自敬 王


    Hi, When will you release the offical bootloader unlocker for sony xperia xz premium? There is still no way to flash a firmware, can’t tun any test on XZP.

  10. By Kyu Maru


    Hi, need the E5506 added to the list, gotta go back to lollipop 5.1 and flashed simlock.ta by mistake, so it needs a fresh install from scratch.

  11. By David Eduardo Resendiz Velazquez


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  12. By Dimitar Solev


    The XZ Premium is missing from the list of unlockable devices. Is it possible to unlock its bootloader?

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