Open Devices 2016 – new supported devices, improved camera and more

The Open Device project has accomplished a lot in 2016. Read about everything that’s been going on the past year, from newly added devices, the introduction of Android N and more.

New devices and support for Android N and M
Sony introduced several new devices to the market in 2016, and the Open Device team has worked hard to support both new and older models. This year, Open Device support has been added to the Xperia Z5 family, the Xperia X and the Xperia X Compact.

With the introduction of Android N in August, Open Device support for this platform was added for these newer devices as well as the greater part of the Xperia Z family. For older devices, the 3.10 kernel was also developed to enable a greater functionality for all devices supported on Android M.

To keep users and developers in the loop on current Open Devices platform functionality, a platform functionality page was also made and placed in the Open Device section. This helps interested parties to stay informed on specific functionalities on both Android M and Android N platforms.


Improved camera functionality
Another important advancement for Open Device users with a Z4 tablet, Z5 or X series phone has been the updated device configurations allowing for a new camera framework. Through this framework, the camera stability and autofocus has been significantly improved, although still lacking in comparison to the official Sony software. Check out this video to see the improved camera function in action.

Hero Developers
The Hero developer initiative was started two years ago and throughout 2016 another four Hero Developers were announced for their extensive commits to the Open Devices AOSP. For more information on the winners and becoming a Hero Developer yourself, take a look at the Hero Developer page here on Developer World.

Apart from the Hero Developers, Developer World would also like to thank Angel Gioacchino Del Regno and Adam Farden from the FreeXperia team for being our best kernel contributors, as well as everyone else that has made commits the past year and helped keep the Open Devices project going. We really appreciate your collaboration, and we hope you’ll keep working with us next year!

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