David Viteri is the Hero Open Source Developer for September and October

We’re happy to announce that we’ve selected the Hero Open Source Developer for the months of September and October – David Viteri of Milan, Italy. Learn more about his contributions, and how you could be recognised, after the jump.

The Hero Open Source Developer program identifies important contributions made by open source developers to our SonyXperiaDev GitHub projects. Every two months, the developer that submits the most accepted commits to our AOSP for Xperia projects is named as a hero open source developer. For the months of September and October, David Viteri is our Hero Open Source Developer, with Christian Oder being named as a notable contributor.

David Viteri
This is David’s third recognition as a Hero Open Source Developer. He was previously selected due to the large number of commits to our kernel and device projects. This time, David made extensive contributions across all platforms and spent countless hours debugging.



A custom ROM developer for several years, David started working with AOSP two years ago on a Sony Xperia Z1. He likes AOSP because Sony provides the tools needed for developers and that through this program, “you can see your personal progress in development.” He feels the program is important and hopes he can continue to contribute for many years to come.

Christian Oder
Christian Oder of Germany was recognized as a notable contributor during this period. The new code he created for Sony’s Open Devices project includes an Extended settings app that allows users to configure extended settings for Sony devices.


Christian has been working with AOSP for several years. Of Sony’s Open Devices project and community he says, “I recognize how much the open source community actually helped me, rather than [me] helping it. With that in mind, I am glad that I have the ability to contribute in some way in order to advance.”

Congratulations to David and Christian! Thank you for your contributions!

Could you be our next Hero Open Source Developer?
To take part and potentially become our next Hero Open Source Developer, simply develop and submit your commits to our kernel and device projects listed at the Hero Open Source Developers page. Our next Hero Open Source Developer will be the person who has submitted most accepted commits during November and December.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know below.

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