Updated camera functionality for Open Devices with new AOSP device configurations

We’re happy to say that the AOSP device configurations for the Open Devices program have been updated. The new configurations allow for an improved camera in supported devices in the Xperia X series as well as the Xperia Z4 tablet and Xperia Z5. Check out the Open Devices camera video and read more about the improvements made. Make sure to note that this camera is not run on official Sony software.

The Sony Open Device program allows developers to build and flash several Android versions on top of certain Xperia devices using provided build guides. While this is an exciting way for advanced developers to build their own custom software, it is important to remember that this does disable certain important Sony specific functions – one of the main points of issue being the camera. With the implementation of the new camera framework, the camera stability and autofocus have been significantly improved but the quality is still lacking in comparison to the camera running on official Sony software.

The video above demonstrates the improved camera functionality using the Android Open Source camera application. Keep in mind that the camera is still under heavy development and constantly being improved. Also note that the featured software is not intended for daily usage and contains important limitations.

Are you interested in learning more about the Open Devices project? Check out our Open Devices section here on Developer World. As with all AOSP, we encourage you to commit your changes back to us on GitHub.

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  1. By Angello Gonzalez


    Tanks a lot for all

  2. By Vaibhav Vaibhav


    tecgram.com also have very good stuff about the Xperia devices and rooting

  3. By Paul Hendrix


    Nice video, but damn, this is where I CAME to learn about the internal workings of Xperia devices.
    So this is the Open Source HAL? What makes it worse than the closed off one? Can we use the full resolution? Are the video frame rates limited? Come on, Sony. Give us some information if you actually want to help developers.

  4. By Abdul Kareem


    My Xperia z1 is very slow plz help

  5. By 睿堃 段


    Hello, is that X compact front camera has been fixed?

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