Sony’s Open Device program now supports the Xperia X Compact.

Today, we extended the build guides to include one of the newest Xperia™ devices: the Xperia™ X Compact. With the support of this latest device, you can follow the AOSP N build guide and AOSP M build guide to flash your phone. Learn more after the jump.

With the resources provided as a part of Sony’s Open Device program, you’ll be able to build Android N and Android M on your Xperia X Compact. Use our easy-to-follow build guide for instructions on building AOSP and download the necessary software binaries to get started.

All resources available for the Open Device program can be accessed through our Open Devices page here on Developer World. Through the Open Device program, we provide access and tools to build and test the custom software on Sony devices and we welcome you to work with us on the projects via GitHub . Open source is important for us, please contact us and provide feedback on what resources you need, and let us know where we can improve.

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  1. By သန္း ေဌး


    how to add font changer at xperia xzs g8232?

    • By သန္း ေဌး


      Because I would like to add Myanmar font

  2. By José Moura


    A really nice Cellphone. I like my xperiaM4aqua but this is a high level to any developer.

  3. By Malkam Moranges


    sorry for error

  4. By Malkam Moranges



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