Adrian Dubuc-Caldirac wins Hero Developer title for July and August

We are happy to announce that the latest Hero Developer title has been awarded to Adrian Dubuc-Caldirac for creating the init_sony project, which provides a way to access recovery mode on the Sony AOSP devices. Read more about Adrian and learn how you could become the next Hero Developer after the jump.

Since 2015, the Hero Open Source Developer program has recognized important contributions made by developers in the open source community. The aim is to highlight the developer who has submitted the most accepted commits to our AOSP for Xperia projects. The Hero Developer also receives a device from Sony as a reward for their hard work.

Adrian Dubuc-Caldirac

Adrian is a 23-year-old student from France who is currently studying his fifth year of engineering in Electronics and Embedded Systems. He is also a CyanogenMod maintainer and was awarded his title as Hero Developer for contributing a way to access recovery mode on Sony AOSP devices. When the CyanogenMod was changed with the introduction of Android 6.0, Adrian took on the task of – through his init_sony project – recreating the Sony supported version from scratch as a compiled binary. This project thereby provided a way to access recovery mode also for later AOSP versions.


Adrian has been working on smart phones since 2009 and enjoys learning on his own by working on different projects. Within the Sony devices he started out with development on the Xperia Arc S and is currently working on CyanogenMod development for many devices. He is also involved in development for Android 7.0.

Adrian appreciates the collaboration opportunities within the AOSP community and that everyone can learn from each other. He explains that he had not anticipated the win and had been excited just to have his project merged into the official Sony AOSP repositories.

Adrian will be receiving an Xperia X Performance as an award for his hard work.

Could you be our next Hero Open Source Developer?
To take part and have the possibility to become our next Hero Open Source Developer, simply develop and submit your commits to our kernel and device projects listed at the Hero Open Source Developers page. Our next Hero Open Source Developer will be the person who has submitted most accepted commits during September and October. If you have any questions or comments, let us know below.

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