Announcing Florent Revest as Hero Open Source Developer for March – April

We are happy to announce March and April’s Hero Open Source Developer – Florent Revest, a computer science student in Toulouse, France. Florent has made a major contribution to the open source community by porting Tetra code into unified kernel. Learn more about what this means and how you can be named the next Hero Open Source Developer after the jump.

Since 2015, the Hero Open Source Developer program has recognised important contributions made by developers in the open source community. The aim is to highlight the developer who has submitted the most accepted commits to our AOSP for Xperia projects. The Hero Developer will also receive a device from Sony as a reward.

Florent Revest
The Hero Developer for the months of March-April 2016 is Florent Revest – a 19 year old computer science student at INSA Toulouse, France. Florent received this title after bringing the support of Broadcom SoC into Sony’s unified kernel codebase, allowing the unified kernel to work on the Sony Smartwatch 3.

florent revest

Hero Open Source Developer Florent Revest

Florent spends most of his free time working with smartwatches and told us he was delighted to discover that Sony could support his efforts of improving their openness through our Open Source Developer program.
Florent described his reaction to being chosen as a Hero Developer: “I feel proud of having contributed to the Sony’s unified kernel. But I’m also grateful to Sony for this fantastic opportunity.”

Congratulations to Florent! As a thanks, he has received the new Xperia X!

Could you be our next Hero Open Source Developer?
To take part and have the possibility to become our next Hero Open Source Developer, simply develop and submit your commits to our kernel and device projects listed at the Hero Open Source Developers page. Our next Hero Open Source Developer will be the person who has submitted most accepted commits during May and June If you have any questions or comments, let us know below.

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