AOSP Android 6.0 Marshmallow resources & Xperia Z5 binaries added to Sony’s Open Device program [video]

Today, we’ve added Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) to all supported devices on our Open Device project. In addition, Xperia Z5 is also added to the program. As usual, you can access device configuration, software binaries and build guides through Sony’s Open Device program.

For all you open source fans, we’ve just added an AOSP Marshmallow (Android 6.0) configuration and binaries available for download, as part of Sony’s Open Device program. With these resources, you’ll be able to build AOSP Marshmallow for all Qualcomm based 2014+ Sony Xperia devices. AOSP for Xperia Z5 is included in the newest package, so that early adopters in the open source community can start experimenting now.


AOSP Xperia devices running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).

Through the Open Device program, we provide these resources early for the community, so that you have time to learn, build and test new Android features, or use them on your custom ROM. As usual, you can work with us to make the software better by contributing your patches upstream to GitHub. Open source is important for us and we welcome you to contact us, and give feedback on what resources you need and where can we improve.

On our AOSP List of Devices and Resources page, you’ll find links to all of Sony’s device configurations on the Sonyxperiadev Github. You’ll find everything you need on the AOSP for Xperia devices page.

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  1. By Rohit Goswami


    Hey, these don’t help for the Z5 dual (E6633). There’s no SD card detection which is obviously a major downer.

  2. By shrey bhardwaj


    how to install this in xperia e3?

  3. By Juan Rivera


    Will the C5 ultra be receiving marshmallow? Or the aosp binaries?

  4. By Varun Kalapala


    Is t2 ultra dual suppoted

  5. By . .


    You say that the T2 Ultra won’t get Marshmallow but then you release the binaries. Are you planning on bringing marshmallow to the t2? Or are you going to let us build a ROM ourselves?

  6. By Tomal Das


    My m2 whan I have android 6
    Whan slove my camera problem

  7. By Ali Masoumi


    How can I use aosp for z1?I downloaded it

  8. By Rickson N Saguna


    When will m4 aqua added to aosp binaries and able to unlockbootloader?

  9. By Don Junior


    Hello, good day sir!
    sir, is the marshmallow android is compatible to z2 xperia?

  10. By Darrin Lin


    When will Z5 Premium binaries be added?

  11. By Henke Blomqvist


    So I could install “stock” android 6.0 on my z5 for testing and stuff? I realize it’s not stable and intended for regular use, but still sweet.

  12. By Jo Wagner


    is it working on Samsung galaxy S2 with custom ROM too ? i have a sony Xperia play but i dont know if i can get it on this phone

    • By shakeel akther


      If u are going for single sim phone what about dual sim its same configuration right ?

    • By Alin Jerpelea


      We officially support only single sim Global LTE devices

  13. By sharif ducati


    Can my xperia e3 updare android marshallow?
    Please show how to install

    • By Alin Jerpelea


      Yes T2Ultra is included in Open Devices Program