How to overcome mainline kernel obstacles (Sony presentation at Embedded Linux Conference)

At last month’s Embedded Linux Conference, a technical conference for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products in San Jose, California, Tim Bird from Sony presented a topic on mainline integration of the Linux kernel. Get a recap of this session, download the presentation, and find out how this relates to our open source activities.

Linux is an important part of Sony’s heritage as the Xperia line of smartphones run Android, which is based on the Linux kernel. A hot topic in the Linux community is mainlining – having a patch included an Android kernel release – and this is exactly what Tim Bird, Senior Software Engineer at Sony, talked about at the Embedded Linux Conference (ELC). If you’ve contributed work back to the mainline kernel, you’ve probably had to deal with older kernel versions, or dependency on code not upstream. Others may have encountered the inability to test. Whatever the barriers are, learn how to overcome them by downloading the Overcoming obstacles to mainlining presentation from Developer World.

At Sony, one way for us to address these barriers from inside is our work with the kernel related to our open devices. Since we started this initiative, it has become easier for open source developers to work on and innovate with our hardware. Currently, we provide a new 3.10 kernel on GitHub, which is a step closer to the mainline kernel. Thanks to this, we now have 14 open devices using the same kernel. We encourage all interested developers to join this open source initiative, which will enable us in the future with the ability to run open devices with the mainline kernel.


If you have any questions about embedded Linux development, or if you’re interested in developing for the Linux kernel, please leave them in the comments field below!

Feature image courtesy of Linux Foundation, Embedded Linux Conference 2015.

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  1. By Munjeni Myprivate


    For example, Marchmallow android. On Xperia Z1C AOSP Marchmallow, we have no audio source code and allso no camera source code, and many other things is missing, we have only proprietary binaries which not working on latest AOSP, sum of the things is autommatically an disapoint for us! Hobists can’t innovate with our hardware without source code and nobody want to waste time by hacking it… thats my opinions.

  2. By Munjeni Myprivate


    I think than never will be possible since qcom will not open public his proprietary binaries, and things allways will be missed for continuous development since we allways will have uncompatibility with latest/later things. Allso trim area is dangerous thing on Sony phone and nobody want to risk mainboard replacement since we can’t unbrick if trim area is acidentally damaged.

  3. By Mohd Sarfraj


    How to Root sony XperiaZ c6602 android 5.0.2.

  4. By Xander W


    hi, please open up 2014 smart tv’s. I’d like to add something simple as DivX

  5. By Danny Jia Sheng Tan


    does the AOSP kernel for sony xperia z3 d6653 support qualcomm quick charge 2.0?or can I develop a kernel that support quicK Charge 2.0 myself?what is the code for quic. Charge 2.0?

  6. By Edmilson zorima


    Hi my name is Edmilson zorima and I would like to say that a lots of people on Internet are disappointed with the new Sony Xperia z4 because what we’re everyone were expecting from sony is not what they did see on the launching of the Sony Xperia z4 because they were expecting to the phone be with eyes scanning or finger scanning and with the same 2k display as the Xperia z4 tablet. But to be honest everything from the phone looks great and fabulous and they’re one of the things that people were also expecting, but please sony I begin you I am your biggest fan and I were also expecting the Xperia z4 to be with eyes scanning or finger scanning and the same 2k display as the Xperia z4 tablet to be more competitive and premium please sony add all this before of the international launching.

    • By Joe Padre


      Hey Edmilson,
      Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding Xperia Z4. We’ll forward your comments to our internal teams for further consideration.
      Best regards,
      Joe from Developer World

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