Test and verify your app for free on real Xperia devices

In October last year we launched Sony’s Remote Device Lab (beta), a free web service that allows you to test and verify your app on real Xperia devices. After each session the devices are factory reset, which means that you can safely try out your app on a variety of devices with different specifications. If you haven’t done so already, head over to Remote Device Lab (beta) to try it out. Read on to learn more about this service.

In the open world of Android, a multitude of hardware platforms can run the operating system. This means that devices with different screen sizes and processors may perform differently from each other. For an app developer this can be a challenge when it comes to testing and verifying that your app will work as it should across a range of devices. To address this, Remote Device Lab (beta) gives you instant and remote access to Sony’s flagship devices, so that you can ensure that your app works correctly across our devices and platforms.

Screenshot of Remote Device Lab (beta) showing a range of Xperia devices with a variety of software and hardware specifications.

Screenshot of Remote Device Lab (beta) showing a range of Xperia devices with different specifications.

Remote Device Lab (beta) is equipped with real Xperia devices, accessible through a web interface. The operating system, screen size, and processor are specified for each device, and you can use them almost as if you had them in your own hands. All functions work, except audio and phone calls. The devices are also equipped with SIM cards and have data traffic enabled. We’re adding new flagship Xperia models to the service as soon as possible after a new release.

A Remote Device Lab (beta) session running on Xperia Z3. The computer mouse can be used to click and swipe the screen of the device.

A Remote Device Lab (beta) session running on Xperia Z3. The computer mouse can be used to click and swipe the screen of the device.

You can use Remote Device Lab for many aspects of app verification, for example:

  • General behaviour – perform a general sanity check on real devices, to get a visual confirmation that your app works as intended on a range of models and screen sizes.
  • System behaviour – ensure that your app reacts in the correct way to system events such as alarms and notifications.
  • Compatibility – ensure that your app works properly if it uses hardware-related media functions like video codecs.
  • Camera integration – make sure your app works correctly if it uses the camera. This is a particularly important verification because the camera is a hardware feature, the implementation of which can differ between models and manufacturers.
  • Connectivity – test the network connectivity of your app. See how it performs on Wi-Fi and mobile networks.
  • You can also retrieve system logs and upload APKs for instrumentation testing.

How to start testing on real devices
You can connect to Remote Device Lab using Chrome 31+, Firefox 28+ or Internet Explorer 8+. You will also need to have Java version 6+ installed, and Javascript enabled. Then simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Remote Device Lab (beta) web service.
  2. Select the device you want to use and click on Connect.
  3. Login with your Sony Smartphone, Google or Facebook account.
  4. Once connected to a device, you may see a screen showing a VNC-logo. Press the back icon in the device UI to start using it.
  5. Follow the steps in the setup guide to have the device set up according to your preferences. Since all devices are factory reset after each session, all new sessions start with the device setup guide.

Each session is 30 minutes long, and you can easily upload and install your app on the devices you have connected to. You can also connect to several devices at the same time for parallel testing on different platforms. The service is totally free and non-monitored.

Head over to Remote Device Lab (beta) and get started right away. You can also find more useful information and tips on usage, logging and instrumentation testing on the Remote Device Lab FAQ page.

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