Design themes for Xperia devices with the new Theme Creator BETA tool

A theme is a powerful way to change the look and feel of Xperia smartphones and tablets. With the free Theme Creator BETA, released today, you can customise over 300 graphical assets like icons and buttons to create your own professional-looking theme for Xperia devices.

The Theme Creator BETA is easy to use, and you can style everything from home screen wallpaper and icons to buttons, colours and assets inside selected pre-installed Sony signature apps. The tool is intended for designers, and built to let you focus fully on the design. Then when you’re ready to export your theme, one click is all that’s needed to create an APK file that can be installed on an Xperia device.

How to get started with Theme Creator BETA
The Theme Creator BETA is a java application that you download to your computer. It works together with Adobe Photoshop, where you can create and export graphics which you then fine tune in the Theme Creator tool. Theme Creator BETA comes with:

  • Theme Creator BETA tool which is ready to run as soon as you’ve downloaded it.
  • Templates for Adobe Photoshop which you can use to create graphics for your theme.
  • Online documentation which guides you through the full work flow from installing Theme Creator BETA, through creation of your theme to verification and finally publishing your theme on Google Play.

Theme Creator is intended for designers with good knowledge about image editing in Adobe Photoshop CS6. It also helps to be familiar with how Android handles graphics, and 9-patch images. Read more about the prerequisites on the Theme Creator overview page.

To get started, download Theme Creator and follow the instructions on the Get started page.

Tell us about your theme
You can contact Sony for the possibility to get your theme promoted on Xperia devices. This way, your theme can show up on millions of Xperia devices through the default theme picker, and in Sony’s “What’s New” recommendation service. Learn more about the possibilities on the Theme Creator web page.

Get support through the Theme Creator forum
To get help using the Theme Creator, you can post a question on the new Theme Creator forum. There you can get answers from Sony support engineers, but also from other Theme Creator users. You can also discuss design ideas and get feedback from other users. Learn more and visit the forum from the Theme Creator support page.

As always, feel free to drop us a comment below if you have any comments, questions or suggestions for the Theme Creator!

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  1. By emir kahraman


    ı download the zip but ı cant open it 🙁 any help or some advice?

    • By Vihanga samaradiwakara


      open with that zip java after you can double click that and open xperia theme creator

  2. By vijay katole


    Hello, Sony,
    I want to change the theme everything even message background nonworking area also. please help me you have any solution?

  3. By nikhil asalkar


    Why does the theme creator does not support android jelly bean?

  4. By giorgos kritikos


    Hi all.I have a problem entering a package name in the “new project” window.It is written in red and i can’t start a new project..

    • By Andrey Gorodetskiy


      Hey giorgos kritikos,

      you should write in a package name you want, for example , then it should work.

      Greetings, Andrey

  5. By Philipp Unterreiner


    Is it possible to do detail typographic work and / or to change the system font?

  6. By Pratik Gadekar


    hi, just wanted to know how can i add my own icons to a theme using the theme creator i could not find any option to do so ?

  7. By mydeen pakkir


    Hi this is mydeen
    The tool is very slow for me ,it taking too much time if it is minimum system requirement issue kindly share the recommended system spec and as well as for me the build and install option is also not enable kindly do the need ful

  8. By Sushma St


    Is it mandatory to specify the project details and company name in the creator ? .. Can’t it be owned by an individual ?

  9. By Huang Nanako


    I try ot today, but some elements could not be shown in Android 5.0, like navigate button. the tool will upgrade to completely support Android 5.0?

  10. By İmkansızlık Hiçlik


    hi everyone.

    I downloaded ThemeCreator.jar
    I’m a Java Developer so The JDK and JRE has been installed on my computer.
    But, The ThemeCreator says ” LOADING ”

    How can i fix this problem? Please help me.

  11. By Kadir Rahman Daştan


    I am using win8 on a pavilion notebook with java rte 8u40 installed which has i5 processor and 8 gb ram etc. Theme creator tool is not working properly, it always waiting and says “LOADING” on left panel. fix this problem please.

  12. By grandmasternaz


    The option “Build > Build and install” is not available for me.. I have a dev. phone and I have followed all the instructions and installed the adb tool but still this option “build and install” is not available. Any thoughts?? Can I still use the theme creator and transfer the theme to my phone in some other way?

    • By Anna Aleryd



      To get adb working, you could try posting your question in our Theme Creator forum.

      If you want to install your theme on your phone without using adb, you can use the Export Test APK function under Build in Theme Creator. This generates an installable apk file, which you can install on your Xperia device.

      Best regards,
      Anna from Developer World

  13. By Mohammed Zeeshan


    Awesome, Thank You SONY, I love everything what SONY because Its, SONY=Unique

  14. By Julien B.


    Hello there!
    I have a problem… I just got Photoshop CC and I still can’t edit the graphical assets, or icons if you prefer, or resources. Is CS6 the only Photoshop supported? And what about Gimp? I saw it does not work…
    Am I unlucky, or am I doing it wrong?
    -Codename JB

  15. By Jason Crabbé


    With the most things to edit, it says” no editable resources” how can i edit these things?
    and i want to make my navigation bar black with red icons, but when i edit the icons in phophotoshop, and use app tray, the navigation bar is blue and red? 😮