AOSP update: Qualcomm-based 2014 Xperia devices now supported [video]

Today we’ve added Xperia E3 and Xperia T3 to our open device project, which means that developers can now build their own version of AOSP for most* Qualcomm®-based Xperia devices released during 2014. We’ve also updated the source code for Xperia T2 Ultra and Xperia M2 to improve stability.

To get started building AOSP, head over to the AOSP for Xperia section here on Developer World. Download software binaries for KitKat, and follow the AOSP build instructions to download, configure, build and finally flash the source code onto your device. The source code and binaries released today can be used as a base for developing your own version of Android for unlocked Xperia E3, Xperia T3, Xperia T2 Ultra and Xperia M2 devices.

As usual, you should be aware of that this software is not intended for daily use as there are important limitations. For example, the camera is not working and the modem is not enabled, which means you cannot take photos or make phone calls.

If you are eager to get your development underway, head over to our AOSP for Xperia section, where you’ll find all resources you need. And don’t forget to stay tuned to the latest AOSP updates from Sony!

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*Available for all Qualcomm-based 2014 Xperia devices except for Xperia E1, which is based on the Snapdragon 200 (MSM8210) platform. This platform is not supported in the AOSP source code from Google.

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  1. By Kiran Fernando


    No kernel source no aosp no recovery for c3 d2502 but the devices based on qualcomm chipset (2014)are all supported except c3. I dont know why sony is regreting c3 users

  2. By Richard Corbishley


    Please provide the vendor repo, device repo and kernel repo for Xperia C3. I am trying to build AOSP for my D2533. I know it is yukon platform, but are there not device-specific configs as well? We, as users of the C3, need a faster ROM for our phones. 1GB RAM is still plenty, when you don’t have bloatware scattered all around the phone, and no Xposed support. AOSP or CM12 for the C3 would be wonderful!

  3. By HaNAst Lim


    please xpeira c3!
    this is lte device.
    i know that platform is yukon..
    but kernel, device ,vendor tree isnt exist for c3…
    please add opensource device c3
    thank you

  4. By mohamed tamer


    i can used the aosp rom of sony xperia m2 for my sony xperia m2 dual

  5. By Arian Libat


    Can experia e3 be updated to android lollypop?

  6. By Danny Kiu


    I rooted my Xperia Z1 and it says I don’t have OS. What does it mean? Which OS should i stall? Please any help would be verey much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  7. By Rohit Kumar


    Can Xperia l install। Kitkat

  8. By Wana TheicOn


    Xperia C3 is a LTE device. Why Xperia C3 not include the AOSP update?
    Please update AOSP for xperia C3.. Thnk you

  9. By Farhad vn


    Hi Alin
    A qus,a AOSP rom will share for xperia E1 or no?
    I know google dont support it,but is it mean E1 will dont have AOSP rom?



    sorry,but you know will sony have update for Xperia E1?ex 4.4.4?
    It now have 4.4.2 with bugs!!!
    I like sony and i use entry level phones,for use social apps and music,pre sony phones i like a other mark,but now i like sony phones,only update of it ,is buggy!!!


    And a bug,in my update center havn’t update!!!!!but in other e1’s have have update!for what???i update it with 3G network with own(from stock 4.3 to 4.4.2).and now have the last update(check it by build number in e1 sony page’s.)but my album,walkman and… dont have any update!!!
    What i do?flash it with flash tool or wait for a OS update?


    In last,thanks you and sony.

    I have a rp

    for entry level phones plz mind about this system:

    e1 plus or pro with this sec:
    712Mb or 1Gb Ram(for now,512 is low!!!)
    5 HD(750 p) camera with flash and AF
    a front camera (VGA(0.3Mp) or 1.3Mp)
    And other things as desing and sensors and style as E1,its very good if sony work for it!
    For every body like a smart phone for music,social,camera and a small game,its will the best,no need to qouad cores or 4.5 or 8mp cam bcs its a entry phone…

    For mid level as e3 only with better style(5 inch as xperia c)

    And for high level,just say sony should more work,a serios only are fully supported by sony,Z serios,but sony should add more family for products!

    For ex:
    Serios Z:water proof and camera
    Serios E:entry phones for music and social with a pretty style
    Serios X:for new des and tec as amoled disply and high level system as octa and pretty des,no as z serios,it should have a NEW DES ,new face of sony!


  10. By Tung Nan Kwong


    Aosp for xperia c3 please!

  11. By 志鑫 林


    Sony c3 Is the only one not yet upgraded android 4.4.4and 5.0
    PLEASE AOSP for c3!!!!!!!!

    • By Alin Jerpelea


      Only LTE devices are officially supported by the AOSP program
      This AOSP program offers a base for other custom projects and with small modifications you should be able to use it on your device.
      Best regards

  12. By ŠÛjày RaJput


    Is m2 dual can use aosp of m2…????

  13. By Sarfaraz Habib


    What is this? Means officially lollipop on Xperia E3 dual

    • By Alin Jerpelea


      The AOSP program is intended to provide a base for developers (Open source community that builds custom ROMs).
      It does not offer a preview for official software.
      Best regards

  14. By chris ardiles


    Does it cover Sony e series namely e 1???