Android 5.0: Xperia Z3 AOSP source code and binaries now available

Today we have added Android 5.0 AOSP device configuration source code, pre-built software binaries and build instructions for Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact, Xperia Z2, Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z1 Compact. If you’re a custom ROM developer, you can now create Android 5.0, Lollipop, AOSP-based custom ROMs for these devices.

Just a couple of days after Google’s public release of Android 5.0, on November 4th, we showed you a video of Android 5.0 AOSP version running on Xperia Z3. Check it out above for a preview of how this software looks on Xperia Z3, Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z1. And as promised, we are now following up with the resources needed to develop custom ROMs for these devices.

Build your own version of Android 5.0
To get started, head over to the AOSP for Xperia section here on Developer World. Download the needed software binaries for Lollipop
, and follow the AOSP build instructions to download, configure, build and finally flash the source code onto your device. The source code and binaries released today can be used as a base for developing your own version of Android for devices from the Xperia Z3, Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z1 series, which have an unlocked boot loader.

As usual, you should be aware of that this software is not intended for daily use as there are important limitations. For example, the camera is not working and the modem is not enabled, which means you cannot take photos or make phone calls.


If you are eager to get started, head over to our AOSP for Xperia section, where you find all resources you need, including links to the source code over at Sonyxperiadev GitHub. And if you fork our repositories, don’t forget to contribute your work back to us!

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  1. By Jeff Gordon


    Does anyone know if the modem and camera work ? Why can’t someone reply to Roberto ? He asked the question 8 months ago. Is Developer support really so bad ?

  2. By Jeff Gordon


    Does the camera and modem work ? Without the Camera and Modem, this is useless.

  3. By Roberto Carlos Monteiro


    When will we get the rest of the functionality, camera and modem… Sony c’mon, be nice. Give us a complete AOSP.

  4. By Sachin Kansal


    Does anyone know when lollipop will come on xperia Z2. Samsung always do fast. It’s really bad feel about Sony. Why it seems too late. Even in S4 lollipop has been come. Sony was promising to xperia users that lollipop update should come in 2015. But now they are not declaring the confirm date when. It’s very disappointing. Someone knows about the latest update plz do reply.???

  5. By Rahmat Ali


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  6. By Yamil Habed


    Is there a way to root the device without unlocking the bootloader? This would be a great new for all Z3 users. Thanks for your time.

  7. By Shobraj Vs


    how can i update my xperia c3 dual kitkat to lollipop ????????????????

  8. By c1794804 trbvm


    why are modem and camera disabled? how to enable it? i am pretty sick of all the sony bloatware, especially things like the services “Anonymous Data” or “Anonymous Usage Data” running all the fucking time! so i would love to have aosp running on my z3c. sony what you do here is not very constructive. on the hand you are giving the bits and bytes for developers but it all comes with a one way ticket to a sadly functioning device. this kind of sucks!

  9. By Darío Rincón


    It’s pretty sad that you force devs to break their DRM keys in order to help you push AOSP.

  10. By Cristian Barboza


    puede funcionar en xperia l c2104???

  11. By Forhad Hossain Shaheen


    can u told me, how can i update my xperia z1 compact kitkat to lollipop ?

  12. By Karl Kaktusovy


    hehe Xperia S has got Lollipop about few weeks and works fine, very fine 🙂



    Xperia M2 aqua need dat love too 🙁

  14. By Dagnachew Legesse


    An Open letter to Sony Mobile,

    I have been an Xperia user since the launch of the first X10. I currently own a Z3. The specs are good and the phone looks beautiful. The overall design is balanced and feels very light yet sturdy in the hand.

    The earphones are horrible to say the least. Sony, a music and multimedia giant, bundles crappy earphones with its flagship? Big mistake, my friends. You lose just about half your customer base due to this seemingly little issue. Just put one of your best earphones inside as a gesture of respect to your customers and create a loyal fan base. Well, this isn’t a cheap phone by any standard, is it? So why make it so out of the box?

    The SIM holder is so “plasticky” and fragile looking that I wondered if this was truly Sony’s flagship phone, wow.

    Why not just offer the Magnetic charger out of the box, just few bucks but you get loyalty there too.

    Why so much bloatware? It seems like somebody inside there wants to make sure that SONY MOBILE fails. Otherwise, I see no logical reason for you to worry so much in putting things many of us don’t need or can easily install. What is difficult to replace is the Dialer and Messaging App. Just make it beautiful and Functional. Hire a designer with good general test, me for example.

    On the software side too, it is not so rosy. For starter, the dialer and messaging apps look awful. Too big font size. The Dialer tells you to ‘Enter Name or Number’ in such a big font size that you wonder if a person with a little bit of design knowledge has every laid eyes on this. Being a phone, I would first and for most want to have a good looking and functional Dialer and Messaging apps out of the box.

    Having a beautiful screen, noise cancelling phone, 3 GB RAM, SD card slot, etc, won’t make a phone good enough. There needs to be a marriage between all those to become one product. For now, I see many good parts just put together without much of a passion. Why bother to make a Z$ when your Z3 isn’t that much of a big success, from the user perspective, I mean? I for one, would never want to come back to SONY MOBILES ever if this is what I get. Many would be saying the same.

    So, it is not too late to make some good changes with the promised lollipop update, or is it?

    Thank you