Xperia™ Z2 and Xperia™ Z1 added to AOSP for Xperia on GitHub [video + open source]

Today we’re happy to tell you that we’ve added Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z1 to our AOSP for Xperia project on the SonyXperiaDev GitHub. In addition, Xperia Z has been updated to the latest Android version. At the same time, we’re starting to use a unified kernel for devices based on the Qualcomm® MSM8974 platform, which will make it easier for all you community developers to adapt the kernel to your needs.

Three new devices added, AOSP for Xperia Z updated
Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z1 both get device configurations for AOSP on SonyXperiaDev GitHub today.  Besides adding these devices, we also update Xperia Z to run the latest Android version. Please note that the software is not intended for daily usage and there are important limitations. For example, the camera is not working and the modem is not enabled, which means you cannot make phone calls.

To get started using these device configurations to build your own Android version, you should head over to the project you’re interested in on SonyXperiaDev GitHub, and also download the corresponding binaries, which you can find from Sony’s AOSP for Xperia devices page. And soon we will publish a tutorial to guide you through the process step by step, so stay tuned!

Launching a unified kernel to be used across devices
Previously Sony’s AOSP projects used a different kernel branch for each device, which made the maintenance cumbersome for custom ROM developers. For the devices that we’re adding today we’ve created one unified kernel, which is published as source code in separate git. This makes things much simpler for when developing for these devices, as there is one kernel to use instead of several branches with a different version for each software build.

In addition to being easier for custom ROM developers to work with, this kernel will facilitate for developers who want to engage with us and push changes to our implementation. So go ahead and fork our kernel to play around with it, and don’t forget to push any improvements back to us!

Now if you’re a custom ROM developer, feel free to check out the projects right away, and don’t hesitate to drop a comment below if you have any questions.

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  1. By William Ottley


    if I understand what you’re saying, is that the AOSP android-4.4.4_r2 for the Z2, along with the vendor blobs, from the “” will give us the capibility of building our own kitkat ROM, BUT without the modem and camera functionality, right? if so, do you have a version of Android that can be developed that HAS the modem working? is it 4.2? I’m about to buy a Z2, thinking that they have released the source code, so I can build my own ROM….

    the Android that’s on the existing Z2, do you have the code for it so i can compile it and install it on the Z2? thank you!

  2. By claud liu



    When do you plan to add Z3 on the list? Also, Z3’s default white balance is way off to blue, even after playing with the “white balance” tool in the settings, color accuracy are still worse than Z2. Is it possible to offer a more capable tool to control more stuff, or maybe even better, give us a better accurate color base through software update? You can do what samsung did, give us more preset color modes.


  3. By andrew Glam


    Alin porfa has que funcione en Xperia v. 🙁

  4. By Joas Simões


    Launch at least sourcer for kitkat to xperia sp, it will help devs to do a stable rom for us

  5. By Lapo Shapi


    Please do something with xperia sp!!!!

  6. By Saatvik Shukla


    Z1 and Z Ultra are the same rhine board devices, then why so much discrimination with the ZU?
    .133 updated for z1 but not ZU.
    AOSP for Z1 but not ZU?


  7. By Loic Dubie


    yeah, thank you Sony/Alin !

  8. By Lukasz Stanczyk


    Is the Xperia Z1s included? I don’t see why it shouldn’t, as it has the same exact internals as the Z1.

    • By Jason Lengson


      yes! Please make it happen for Z1S Sony!

  9. By Daniel Vafidis



  10. By tiger meng



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