AOSP support for Xperia devices

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk at XDA DevCon in Manchester about Sony Mobile’s approach to AOSP. We’ve seen a lot of engagement on the subject – lots of comments, lots of questions – so we wanted to share more details and clarify a few points about the work we do to provide binaries and source code to community developers. The binaries and source code are then used as a base when community developers are compiling their own custom ROMs.

In our work to support AOSP for Xperia devices, we publish binaries and source code on the SonyXperia Github. These binaries and source code form the base for community developers to continue their work on, while creating custom ROMs. Please note that the binaries and source code provided by us is not enough in order to build a fully functional custom ROM. Instead it’s our ambition to provide a stable base, to make the work for community developers as easy as possible. We’ve seen some speculation about Sony planning to release AOSP ROMs. It’s not currently our plan to share such AOSP ROMs, but certainly, some of the feedback we’ve seen to this idea online is interesting!

In our latest strive for openness, is a new kernel that we are currently working on together with a group of community developers. The idea is to build a kernel that can be used across many Xperia devices. Right now, existing custom ROM projects in the community are using three different kernels, which make the maintenance hard as each kernel most often needs patches and new configurations whenever there is an update to Android. The goal with the new kernel is to make it serve as a common platform for all Xperia products on the Qualcomm MSM8974 platform. Stay tuned for more information about this work going forward. If you would like to join this work, we welcome you to fork our GitHub and push back your patches.

Feel free to add a comment below if you have any ideas or requests related to our work with AOSP for Xperia devices.

Alin Jerpelea

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  1. By Damian Bolko


    AOSP pleas for Xperia T3 D5103

  2. By Ali Reshadati


    @Alin jerpelea
    Can you add Xperia T and TX to Aosp program??
    We haven’t any stock kit Kat from Sony!
    We hope to get Aosp support to more use from the devices….

  3. By Bjarte Odin Kvamme



    For those of us with a Z3 Dual, will the AOSP rom support the dual sim functionality? I assume that it will not be, are there any plans of releasing the source code of how the dual sim is incorporated?

  4. By Mahmoud Ali


    هل تصحيح ال USB له عيوب

  5. By Thomas Thomsen


    I would like to turn my z3 into an AOSP driven phone. only preinstalled with the google play services and google play store. Everything else I would like to install myself; dialer, file explorer, email client, etc.

  6. By Rancid Frog


    Many people were looking forward to the new z3 series but changed their minds when they realized that for AOSP/custom roms we will not be able to use the hardware to full potential. Might as well get a Meizu which uses same camera hardware but with better results.

  7. By Rancid Frog


    Lovely comment moderation

  8. By Rancid Frog


    It would be wonderful to be able to use the full capacity of the hardware on AOSP.
    Currently, using AOSP/custom rom breaks hardware such as camera.
    [ ]

    It is unacceptable for the price and the brand to have other companies using same sony hardware with better capabilities.
    When someone buys a something we should be able to use it properly, not 10% of it
    Many people were looking forward to the new z3 series, but changed their minds, me included.

    [ ]

  9. By David Bell


    I dont see binaries/source specific to anything current (beyond original Z series – no Z1, Z2 or Z3). How is Sony planning to support AOSP code/binaries for these devices?

    • By Alin Jerpelea


      We are working on all
      Please stay tuned!

      Best Regards

  10. By Anthony King


    Will there be plans to actually use community built device trees for the Sony AOSP movement to bring in new devices, rather than just pushing patches to an existing project?
    Obviously it would need to be clean, and work well enough to a standard that you would set, but I feel it may speed up the process.

    • By Alin Jerpelea


      We want to provide a stable base for community builds
      Please stay tuned!

      Best regards

  11. By Joas Simoes


    Hope XSP and other not so old phones get the AOSP support or at least the drivers sources to help devs to give us AOSP roms more stable.

  12. By Edvard Holst


    I am still not quite sure to what extent your AOSP support efforts will go. Are you saying you will not provide device configuration repositories like you did with numerous earlier flagship devices (up until the Xperia Z)?

    • By Alin Jerpelea


      We are working on adding new devices
      Please stay tuned!

      Best Regards

  13. By Виктор Лиферов


    Hello, I wish you the time of day! I would like to suggest you to make changes to the settings. Since the phone has large dimensions (Sony Z Ultra), respond to an incoming call with one hand, while for example in public transport or carrying a bag, almost always causes inconvenience. I consider it necessary to add the ability to respond in the settings button “activate the phone”, this button can already be used as the end of an incoming call, it can also serve as a button to answer an incoming call. This feature is in my opinion would have sporos, and it does not exist from other manufacturers, it would be a plus for the line of smartphones Sony.

  14. By M S


    “community developers” are not only those people who bought the most expensive Sony smartphones.
    Please don’t forget other users too and add MSM8226 platform.

    Why do you work almost only for the flagship devices?
    In my opinion you should put more work on other devices because in fact, mostly dev community is focused on Xperias like Z1, Z2 and so on, and other devices are forgotten and suffer from lack of support (even the unofficial support).
    So please consider adding MSM8226 platform to your AOSP project. This is very important for us.

    • By Alin Jerpelea


      Thanks for your feedback
      We will consider it soon

      Best Regards