Sony’s Unlock boot loader service now improved

If you’re an open source developer working with custom ROMs and kernels, or if you’re part of the custom ROMs community, we have some great news for you. As yet another step in our strive for openness, our Unlock boot loader service is now re-launched with improved usability. It will now be easier to go through the steps it takes to unlock a device.

Three main steps
With the re-launched Unlock boot loader  solution, you now have to go through three main steps to unlock the boot loader:

  1. Select your device and enter an email address.
  2. Submit your IMEI number.
  3. Get your unlock code and perform the actual unlocking of the device.

We’ve also improved they way you check whether a device is supported, we’ve revised the instructions, and we’ve made sure you’ll only get the information relevant for your particular device all the way through the unlock process, without having to browse through a lot of information applicable for other devices. In addition, we’ve also added an FAQ section, for your convenience.

Why not go to and take a look yourself?

Unlock boot loader

The re-launched Unlock boot loader service.

Important note
As usual, we do not recommend you to unlock the boot loader unless you are an experienced developer. The original Sony software installed on your device is rigorously tested for great functionality, which means there is no need to unlock the boot loader for normal consumers.

If you do decide to unlock the boot loader, you should be aware that unlocking the boot loader may void your warranty of the device. Certain functions or features might cease to work, and you might even cause damage to your device.

All this, and a number of other important aspects, are available on the Unlock boot loader page. Make sure you read and become aware of all of it, before you proceed unlocking your device.


So what do you think about the re-launched Unlock boot loader service? Write a comment below and let us know.

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  1. By Dante Onyejiaka


    How do I change the bootloader configuration from no to yes

  2. By Lars Kleen


    There are no mobiles phones listed in the devices list. What happen to this service?

  3. By Tom Free


    It seems, the service is offline. It is a pitty, since I really would like to unlock the boot loader

  4. By emaan khan


    i have tried yahoo as well as gmail but i am not receiving email of my unlocking bootloader code.i need the code so please help me out.

  5. By Peter Grunwald


    I am really sure that a few days ago Xperia SP was included in the unlock device list. Now it has disapeared.

    What happend ? The phone procedure says that unlock bootloader is allowed. How to do it now ?

  6. By Barnaba Costantini


    I tried several different mail adresses and got no respond. I arranged a throw-away adress with .com at the end. Tried again and got intantly the response.

    • By Barnaba Costantini


      Post can’t be edited: All other Mails were with .de at the end, since I am in Germany.

  7. By Weihnachts Mann


    This service does notwork. I tried to unlock a “Xperia SP” and entered different email addresses from 4(!) providers: got exactly 0.0 responses.

    • By Weihnachts Mann


      BTW, in order to post this comment I had to create a Sony account. Sending ( and receiving) the confirmation mail works. But sending unlock link does not work …

  8. By Kudakwashe Nhekairo


    after enetring this command fastboot devices on my z ultra, there is no respond. if i enter fastboot devises its saying waiting for devices. how can i proceed from there. i have dowloaded every required softwares and drivers

  9. By Austin Ewa


    In the list of available phones Xperia c3 is no there but I which to unlock my phone for software upgrade

  10. By Mick Russom


    Will the Xperia Z5 Dual Premium end up unlockable?

  11. By Mohi Ft Tangiwai Hohepa


    I’m trying to unlock my bootloader on my Sony Xperia E4 and have no luck, in my configuration say’s yes it’s unlockable bt there’s nothing on this to help or am I just looking in the wrong places. NEED HELP PLEASE!!!

  12. By sakis alexandropoylos


    Hey there.
    I got a xperia e4g and it says i can unlock my bootloader but i cant find anywhere something.

    • By Anna Aleryd



      I am happy to tell you that Xperia E4g has now been added to the supported devices list, and you should be able to unlock it. Just remember to make sure you understand the risks involved!

      Best regards,
      Anna from Developer World

  13. By Sandeep Singh Basran


    can i get the sim unlock code also

  14. By Juergen CGN


    i don’t recive the key to unlock my Xpiria Z Ultra, i tryed with all my e-mail-adress, never get an replay!?!?!?

  15. By Thomas Sackewitz


    I miss Xperia Go in the list of supported devices! Where do I get an unlock-code?