We heard you! Sony kernel sources now available on GitHub

Openness is important to Sony, and as a next step of our work in this area, we will now make Sony kernel copyleft sources for flagship devices available on the SonyXperiaDev GitHub. This is a long sought step for all of you open source developers who’ve been waiting for this to happen. We heard you, and now it’s done! More sources for other devices will be added over time.

Multiple benefits for developers
Putting the Sony kernel sources on  GitHub is made solely for the purpose of making things easier for open source developers working with custom ROMs and kernels. Our zip-filed open source archives on Developer World will still be maintained, but for you as a developer, the transfer to GitHub will imply several major advantages. Not least by the fact that it will now be easy to integrate, track and review any changes. It will literally save you hours of work, compared to before when you manually had to check for differences.

How to get access
The kernel sources are published on the  SonyXperiaDev GitHub. Simply select your build, and you get instant visibility to individual commits from the chipset manufacturer kernel used by Sony as baseline, as well as to the changes made by Sony ourselves. We hope that this will make it easy for custom kernel and ROM developers to be constantly in sync with the latest patches.

If you have any ideas or requests regarding Sony’s open source work, or our projects on GitHub, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. By Chinmoy Barman


    I want IMX300 CMOS sensor’s driver source code
    veryone so that people can edit and modify them at their will and get the best out of em. juat like I used to do back in the days with my Sony Ericsson K750i’s camera driver named “CAMDRIVER0.DAT” . which was a simple text file with DAT extension and written in assembly language of some sort.

    I want this because i believe that Sony’s sensors are the best in business in terms of hardware but they really are bad at making softwares, drivers and image processing algorithms. If they were to make the source code of the core camera sensor driver open to public, which is found in the “system/vendor/camera” folder in the root directory of any SONY phone as a compiled version with the DAT extension [i.e for Xperia T
    Sony should make the IMX300 and all the other CMOS sensor’s driver source code open to eX its “KMO13BS0_IMX091.DAT”], general users with interest and/or programming background could edit and modify them to their need and then other camera apps from the market could be used to take the actual pictures with more quality.

    The problem with sony mobile’s camera is the interpolation algorithm which must be used to generate any kind of image from a bayer array type CMOS sensor. From the look of photos taken with sony mobiles now a days I can say that the post processing algorithms are also pretty crappy in terms of exhaustive noise reduction and JPEG compression.

    Last but not least, Sony should have implemented Google’s Camera 2 API to its full extent for its Xperia Flagship lines starting from Xperia Z1. A 23 MP camera with sony’s sensor cant capture image in DNG RAW format is a real shame for SONY and its user.

    A nice quality centric, well written driver for the IMX*** CMOS sensors used in various sony xperia flagship devices can really be the milestone that could define sony mobile for the next decade.

    I wish Sony will take my writing seriously.

    Chinmoy Barman,
    Computer Engineer [B.Sc. in CSE],
    life long Sony Ericsson & Sony user and developer,
    Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  2. By M S


    What about other devices? Please don’t forget other users and upload sources for Xperia M2

    • By Alin Jerpelea


      Please stay tuned
      We will update the guide soon

      Best regards

      • By Erik Castricum


        Would be nice if M2 devices. Currently cyanogenmod is booting, but modem continuously restarting so no mobile network and a camera issue. Keeps me from sleeping for 2 days in a row now 🙂

  3. By Thorizq Akbar Surya Pujangga


    hi sir alin,i have a question about the time sony will release the kernel source for T2 ultra kitkat..
    thanks before

  4. By Михаил Тронин


    вот так вот

  5. By Theo Jalba


    @Alin Jerpelea: I love that you are working with Sony to release kernel software, so third party devs can release custom ROMs.

    I have a question regarding the released software for the Z2 tablet [1]… Looking at commit history it seems the latest changes are from late March. Does this include the changes for kernel 3.4.0-perf-gb772cca which was released with the .402 firmware in May? If not, when can we expect to see those changes?

    [1] https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/kernel-copyleft/commits/17.1.1.A.0.xxx

    Also, would it be possible to use tags in Github to mark release versions of the software?

    Once again, thanks for your work.

    • By Alin Jerpelea



      unfortunately this is not possible

      Best regards

    • By Theo Jalba


      Nevermind, looks like the June 9 commit is the .402 firmware.

  6. By Kelvin Elaine


    I understand that xperia c can move apps to memory card
    why was this taken out from the xperia z2

    any ideas if it would be implemented back to xperia z2?

  7. By Abdul Ghani


    @Alin Jerpelea why sony isint fixing the camera software for low light and indoor pictures the level of noise and grain is so high i cannot take good pictures at or any z1 z1c and z2 owners please ask sony camera team to fix this issue

    • By Edvard Holst


      Im sure Sony is working hard on improving the camera software. However, your post is off topic and should probably not be directed at Alin

  8. By Noel Macwan


    What’s about being fully open source
    Push out rom source to git
    Yeah, that will be crazy step
    But thousands of thousands people who are disappointed because of lack of software update on their xperia device will feel better even after flashing the rom based on Sony’s source in their unlocked bootloader device
    And Sony will beat up other manufacturers in terms of software update

  9. By Edvard Holst


    Having some issues with AOSP/CM11 on the Xperia Z1. The camera preview stream takes forever to connect at first run after boot and in most cases just times out.

    Here’s the logcat output on CM11: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/d20f74849f6fc980ff99

    And here is the equivalent procedure on stock sony firmware: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/24c79ae4c8533d3b2518

    Any idea what might be causing this and whether proper device configs for the Z1 will solve it?

    My theory is that there’s either something wrong with the qcom camera vendor libs Im using or the qcom camera HAL.

    Thanks again for your great efforts.

    • By Alin Jerpelea


      OK thanks , we will look into it. Stay tuned!

      • By Edvard Holst


        Cool. From what I can tell the issue is with the autofocus lib.

      • By Sheen Razote


        Hello sir Alin,
        I just want to ask something, if it is okay to flash z1 compact firmware to z1 c6903? 🙂

        • By Edvard Holst


          No, you cant flash a firmware designed for a different device on your Z1.

      • By Abdul Ghani


        We all xperia users want camera software fix because it cannot take good quality indoors and low light pictures and there are no details and so much grain and noise …if this problem is fixed then it is the best phone ever z1 z1c z2 and coming phones shouldn’t have this poor software

  10. By Edvard Holst


    AOSP is currently running fairly well on the Z1, but the most obvious issue is that the preview stream is taking ages to connect when using the camera the first time after boot. Most commonly it just times out.

    Here is the logcat output: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5dd17676a077d4a6ba3d

    Here is the logcat output of the same procedure on stock Sony firmware: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/24c79ae4c8533d3b2518

    Do you have any idea what the issue here might be and whether this will be solved with proper device configs? My guess is that there’s either something wrong with the qcom camera vendor lib, or with the camera HAL.

  11. By Roman Le Négrate


    Wow, Sony. You’re getting my attention for my next purchases :-).

  12. By Anupam Nath


    Nice. Good stuff guys, keep it up!

  13. By Christoffer Wassberg


    This is nothing else than amazing! Keep up the good work, Sony and Jerpelea, and increase the support for the AOSP scene even further! 🙂

  14. By Edvard Holst


    Any chance of device config repos for your current flagship devices showing up? Currently only see the Z and ZL on there.

    • By Alin Jerpelea



      we are working on these, so please stay tuned to the Sony GitHub.


      • By Edvard Holst


        Fantastic! Cant wait!

  15. By Edvard Holst


    Any instructions available on how to compile AOSP using these sources?

    • By Alin Jerpelea



      once we have finished the device config repos and needed binary objects for our latest flagship devices, we will look into creating guides for the community. Stay tuned!