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Introducing the Sony Enterprise SDK 3.0 – could you work with our SDK and become a Sony partner?

We’re happy to introduce the release of the Sony Enterprise SDK 3.0! This Enterprise SDK contains new features and relevant information required by Sony partners. It’s currently only available to selected Mobile Device Management (MDM) partners, who typically provide solutions for policy enforcement. We’re keen to provide the best MDM solutions and now we’re on the look-out for more potential partners. Could you be one of those? Read on to find out more.

Some of our existing Sony partners, who have already used the Enterprise SDK to create Enterprise solutions, are Mobile Device Management companies like AirWatch, SOTI and Citrix. They’ve been able to use the APIs included in the Enterprise SDK to provide businesses with the ability to perform over-the-air security, monitoring and management of mobile devices used at work.

The capacity to enforce device restrictions, request security features and to automatically configure device accounts is integral to the day-to-day running of many businesses. This is something we take seriously, and we are continually looking to enhance Sony’s business offering.  See our portal for information about our devices in business – Xperia in Business

With that in mind, here’s some more detailed information:

What is the Enterprise API
The Enterprise API is an extension to the Android Device Administration API. It is meant to be used by a device administrator, normally in combination with the Android Administrator API , to restrict certain features in the device. For example, it could be used to stop the user turning on Bluetooth, sending SMS messages or running a blacklisted application. It also contains functions to configure the device accounts, secure storage and retrieve miscellaneous information from the device.

Supported policies and other features
Device policies are a set of restrictions which allow IT Managers to have greater control over the management of devices used at work. These policies could be used to configure devices and protect company data, perhaps by enforcing screen un-lock passwords. You can download the full list of available device policies and enterprise features supported by the newest version of the Enterprise API. In addition to this, you can also use the standard vanilla Android policies, in combination with the Sony Enterprise API.

Enterprise API support on Xperia™ devices
The supported features can differ across our range of Xperia devices and new features are usually introduced along with new product releases.

How to apply to use the Enterprise SDK
If you are interested in becoming a partner and using the Sony Enterprise SDK, please contact us with information about your MDM solution –

By sending us an email to this address, you confirm that you have read and accept the terms and conditions of Sony Mobile’s Privacy Policy.

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  1. By Benjamin Humpton


    What information do I need to provide via email to in order to get access to this SDK? Thanks.

  2. By Shohei Yoshida



    I would like to get Sony SDK to use it inside our MDM solution.
    Yesterday, I sent email to
    But I didn’t get any reply…

  3. By Laurent Minaud



    I would like to get Sony SDK to use it inside our MDM solution.
    I tried to send an email to but didn’t get any reply yet.Could you tell me please if I need to do anything else?


    • By Joe Padre


      Hi Laurent,
      Thanks for letting us know. We will ask an Enterprise partner manager to get in contact with you.
      Best regards,
      Joe from Developer

    • By Ashley Davies


      Hi Steve,

      You can get the Sony SDKs and further information here:

      For the Enterprise SDK, we actually need to review your MDM solution and give you access to our Partner Zone.

      I will give you more information on that, if you require.


      Ashley – from the Developer World team

      • By Steve Kang



        So, How to introduce mdm solutions? e-mail or other way?

        I am ready for that.

        is it correct?

        • By Ashley Davies


          Hi Steve,

          I’ve sent you an email as you will need to email me some info on your MDM solution.

          Many thanks

          Ashley – from the Developer World team

  4. By S Joe Lay


    Come On SONY we need you to get our native Language. I’m from Myanmar & I got a lot of error from root. I don’t want to root my Love Xperia but I have to, So I can install our language/font. In our country we widely use 2 font(Myanmar Unicode and Zawgyi font). pls add them in next release. I hope you got my trouble . . . .(sorry for my bad ENG)

  5. By Alaa BuHussaien


    I hope from Sony to Support : font style in Xperia Samrtphone

    Like Galaxy Smartphone and the new HTC Ona M8

    Because, we won’t to change the font !

    and it’s need for the ROOT !

    • By Ashley Davies


      Hi Aki,

      You can request to use the SDK via this email –

      Please make sure to include details about your MDM solution.


      Ashley – from the Developer World team

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