Developers – join us in Tokyo for the Android Bazaar and Conference 2014

Japan is a big market for Android devices, especially for Sony, since we are the number one Android vendor in Japan, and second largest overall. So it’s only fitting that we ramp up our developer support for these homegrown products, starting with the upcoming Android Bazaar and Conference (ABC) 2014, and later, the Tokyo gamelab Conference. ABC 2014, the country’s largest gathering of Android users and developers, takes place on the 21st of March at the Akihabara Crossfield in Tokyo.

The Android Bazaar and Conference 2014 is a free event hosted by the Japan Android Group, which aims to promote Android-based business, technical experts, and system designers based in Japan. Celebrating its tenth year, ABC 2014 consists of a conference with speaker sessions covering Android design/development, manufacturing, business development, collaborative development, and devices. Also included is a bazaar, featuring exhibitors from local corporations, community groups, and student associations. The event concludes with an offsite social gathering of participants, speakers, and staff. Tickets for the social gathering are available for purchase (¥ 4,000 for general admission, ¥ 3,000 for students) until the 21st of March.

Join our session: Sony Developer World – what’s new and beyond
Be sure to check out our session Sony Developer World – what’s new and beyond at 16:15. Karl-Johan Dahlström, Director of Developer Relations at Sony, and Takuya Nishibayashi, Sony Global Security Manager, will present an overview of our current SDKs, including the Sony Add-on SDK, as well as provide a glimpse of what’s coming. The presentation will go into everything from what’s new in the SmartExtension APIs for the Sony SmartWatch 2 to updates to the Camera Remote API beta SDK, with which you can control Sony cameras from your smartphone app.

Karl-Johan Dahlström, Director of Sony Developer Relations, and Takuya Nishibayashi, Sony Global Security Manager.

Karl-Johan Dahlström, Director of Sony Developer Relations, and Takuya Nishibayashi, Sony Global Security Manager.

Besides our work with and support for app and game developers, we also work closely with the community developers in the lower levels of the Android system who are creating their own custom Android software. In the session, Karl-Johan and Takuya will also share details of how we work as an open company with the developer community via our project “AOSP for Xperia devices”, where we provide tools for advanced developers to build Android Open Source Project software for Xperia devices.

Important information

  • Date and time: Friday, 10:00 to 18:15 (tentative), March 21, 2014
  • Conference and Bazaar venue: Akihabara Crossfield (Dai + / UDX)
  • Sony Developer World – what’s new and beyond session: 16:15, Akihabara Dai Building 2F T1
  • Social gathering venue: 8th Floor Grace Bali Akihabara Karaoke, Pasera Akihabara shop

Feature image courtesy of heiwa4126 @flickr.


Is there developer event happening soon in your area that you’d like to see us at? Just drop us a note in the Comments field below and we’ll see if we can be a part of it.

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    • By Joe Padre


      Hi David,
      Yes, please contact the Xperia in Business team for additional assistance –
      Best regards,
      Joe from Developer World

  1. By Ivan Navi


    So disappointed Z1, Z1 compact, Z Ultra has outdated adreno driver shipping with Kitkat… That’s v@53 We were hoping to get latest revision which is v@66 and shipping with Z2.. Could you comment on that?

    • By Joe Padre


      Hi Ivan,
      Thanks for your comment, could you please specify name of library you are referring to for the Adreno driver? I can then ask the question to our internal development team and see if they could comment on that.
      Best regards,
      Joe from Developer World

      • By Joe Padre


        Hi again Ivan,
        Our internal development team looked into this further and confirmed that the public KitKat build for Xperia Z1 (14.3.A.0.681) does have V66.0 of the Qualcomm Adreno driver.
        Thanks and best regards,
        Joe from Developer World

  2. By Alaa BuHussein


    Place we need font style in Xperia Phone in Kit Kat

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