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Support engineer Marlin Liew and the rest of the developer support crew here at Sony takes pride in helping app and game developers with any technical questions. Our developer support extends to all of our products – including mobile, tablets, cameras, and accessories – as well as our many tools and services – Sony Add-on SDK, Unlock boot loader, Flash tool for Xperia™, and much more. To make it easier to get the support you need, just head over to our Stack Overflow page, which Marlin and our team of Sony engineers scout daily for new questions. Read on to learn more about our Stack Overflow page, as well as how to post and tag your question.

If you’re a developer with a burning question to ask us, the best way to get the information you need is through our Stack Overflow page. Here, you’ll find all the questions and answers related to Sony products, in an easy to review list. If you don’t see the answer to your question, simply post and tag a question. The steps for posting a question are easy – and listed below. Once your question is added to Stack Overflow, it appears on this page almost instantly. Plus, all the latest Sony-tagged Stack Overflow questions are displayed on the front page of Developer World Mobile. A global team of Sony engineers is constantly monitoring Stack Overflow for new questions.

Latest Sony-tagged Stack Overflow questions shown on Developer World Mobile.

Latest Sony-tagged Stack Overflow questions shown on Developer World Mobile.

How to post and tag a question
To post and tag a question, go directly to the Stack Overflow site. To make sure a Sony engineer finds your question, first determine what category best fits your question, then take note of the appropriate tag or tags.

  • For general questions (including Sony Add-on SDK’s IR remote API & Small App API), use the tag “Sony.”
  • For Smart Extension API questions, use the tags “Sony” and “Smartwatch”.
  • For Gesture API, Remote API (Sony Google TV Add-on SDK), use the tags “Sony” and “Google-TV.”
  • For the Sony Camera Add-on API or Camera remote API, use the tags “Sony” and Camera”.

When you go to Stack Overflow, post your question and make sure to use these corresponding tags in the Tags field. Soon after, there’s a good chance that someone in the Stack Overflow community, or Marlin or another Sony engineer will answer your question. This way, your question, along with our answer, can be shared, viewed and used by many people.

Tips for how to ask questions
To improve your chances of getting your questions answered by the Stack Overflow community, keep these tips in mind:

  • Try searching thoroughly for your answer before asking for your question. Sharing your research helps everyone, so by sharing what info you’ve found, and why it doesn’t meet your needs, you’re showing that you’ve taken the time to help yourself first. This also helps you get a more specific and relevant answer.
  • Since the Stack Overflow community is defined by topics, try to stick to those topics and avoid asking for opinions or open-ended discussions.
  • Be as specific as you can with your question. By including details and context, the community can provide a useful, relevant answer.
  • The Stack Overflow community likes to help as many people as they can, so if you can make it clear how your question is more relevant to more people than just you, the more the community will be interested in your question and be willing to look into it.
  • Keep an open mind if the answer you get is not the one you wanted. It doesn’t mean the answer is wrong, and sometimes, a conclusive answer isn’t always possible.
  • Since Stack Overflow is not an official manufacturer forum, avoid asking for features. You are welcome to leave comments on our blog posts for feature requests though!

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