Introducing SmartBand, the innovative SmartWear from Sony

Have you looked for a healthier lifestyle, but always found yourself too busy to keep track of things? Today we’re introducing SmartBand, the first product in the Sony’s new SmartWear range that lets you record and capture everything you do – your movements, your communication, and your entertainment.

The SmartBand introduces a brand new product category from Sony called ‘SmartWear’. Designed to make your living easy, smart, and accessible, Sony SmartWear helps you stay on top of things that matter. The SmartBand is light, flexible and personal, meaning it can always be with you wherever you go, and will look great with any clothing style. It consists of a removable core unit, and a stylish and comfortable wrist band that comes in a range of vibrant colours.

New SmartBand accessory in purple colour.

New SmartBand accessory in purple colour.

A new Lifelog application
The SmartBand records more than just the number of steps you take – it’s a smart wrist band that helps you keep track of entertainment and information; how you feel as well as what you do. This is possible thanks to the innovative Android app from Sony, called ‘Lifelog’. It helps you reminisce at the past, make the best of the present, and plan for the future.

SmartBand comes in a range of different colours.

SmartBand comes in a range of different colours.

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  1. By martin bishop


    Still waiting for an API for LifeLog. Until LifeLog integrates with MyFitnessPall, etc, it’s just too closed. I switched from FitBit. Will probably switch back. I’ve purchased 5 FitBits as gifts since I got my SmartBand the week it launced, because there’s no integration with anything anywhere else on the planet.

  2. By Math Gon


    I agree with everybody, a public API would really be a way to made this connected objet form good to AWESOME!

  3. By Olavo Oliveira Neto


    HI, the Sony Lifelog have a public API ?


  4. By Наталия Денищик-Нелюбина


    hi, i like smartband and i use lifelog and myfitnesspall, and it will be very great thing, if you make it be able to integrate data about burning kkal from lifelog to myfitnesspal. thank you a lot.

    • By Mahroof Qureshi


      I purchaspurchasing this device but I confuse t2 ultra dule sported 4g? plz me conform

  5. By Barend Stapelberg


    If this thing is to succeed, public API’s are needed to expand the use…

  6. By Anna Aleryd


    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for commenting, and apologies for the slow response here. A couple of answers for you:

    There is no public API for the SmartBand, and at the moment we don’t have any news to share about developer opportunities in the area.

    The Sony SmartBand works with Android phones running Android 4.4 and supporting Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy (BLE).

    Best regards,
    Anna from Developer World

  7. By Constantinos Zervos


    I am keen on developing functionality and connectivity of the smartband with other apps or decices, any news regarding an accessible API?


  8. By Henrik Ejderholm


    Anyone heard anything abort an API for the Smartband?


    • By Henrik Ejderholm


      Anyone heard anything about an API for the Smartband?


  9. By Carl Green


    Is there an SDK for Android?

  10. By Constantin J


    Will the SmartWear get an open interface for developers?

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