Xperia™ L added to our AOSP for Xperia project on GitHub [open source]

Today we’ve added Xperia L to our growing Android™ Open Source Project (AOSP) for Xperia devices, letting you build and flash Android 4.4 (KitKat) on your unlocked Xperia L. This is the first time we’ve added support for a device with the 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM8230 dual-core chip. Read more about the project and how to participate after the jump!

Current status of the AOSP for Xperia L project
Even though the software is not suited for everyday use, and important functions like Bluetooth™ and GPS are still disabled, there are actually a lot of things working already. It is possible to make phone calls, send and receive messages, surf the Internet through either the mobile network or Wi-Fi® connection, take photos and shoot video clips. The LED light, NFC and sensors are also working (at least partially).

Want to participate?
As for all of our AOSP for Xperia devices, all collaboration and contributions are handled through the GitHub tool. In the readme files, you’ll find all the instructions and information required to get started. Make yourself familiar with the code, and feel free to take a look at the ‘issue list’ to see where you might be able to help out and possibly add your own contributions to the code. And don’t forget to check out our other devices included in the AOSP for Xperia devices project.

More information
• Download Software binaries for Xperia L.
• Check out all of our AOSP for Xperia devices projects.
• Take a look at another AOSP-related device, the Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition.
• Learn more about our open inititative.

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  1. By Anonymous 1-ANEESR


    traducir a español

  2. By Nitin Aswani


    AOSP for ZR please…

  3. By Tarak Sahu


    when i connect to wifi it connected and displays WPS available then disconnect self.
    what the mean.

  4. By Din Meara


    so deficute to upgrade my Sony xperia L

  5. By Raajesh N


    Any one plz tell how to update kit kat

  6. By Tridev Mandal


    Kindly update Sony Xperia L to Android 4.4 (KitKat) as soon as possible , because it has not received Android 4.3 which rest of Xperia phones received , and also now its very late to provide Android 4.3 update so please carry forward this request and update the Sony Xperia L to Android 4.4 , and please be quick enough as it is fast approaching its 18 month update period’s end. Even if update period ends at least update the device to Android 4.4

  7. By Jagan Imayavaramban


    can any one explain wat s purpose of red color light(turns on while opening sec camera and while making call)placed next to secondary camera

    • By Roshan Kumar


      If you check care fully the light keeps on when you have the screen unlocked. The light is proximity sensor which senses if you are answering using the phone itself, so that it can turn of screen light to save battery. You can test this with following steps:
      1- make a call
      2- while the call is in progress, move your finger above the red light; here you can see that the screen light goes out.

  8. By Tridev Mandal


    sony team please upgrade sony xperia L to kitkat verson because sony xperia is low range phine but this phone is able to upgrade to kitkat ,so please update to kitkat.

  9. By Antonio Fabricio


    Alguém sabe o passo a passo para realizar esta atualização???

  10. By Abhilash Kumar


    can you tell us step-by-step how to upgrade xperia l android 4.1 to android 4.4.

  11. By Jaair de Jesus Barto Ramirez


    por favor denle la actualizacion al xperia l kitkat

  12. By Hemant Gurjar


    Thanks I love Sony smartphones and when u give the update

  13. By Vitor Modesto


    Compatible with C2104?

  14. By Santosh Patel


    I Can’t Wait Plzz…

  15. By Basavaraj K


    Can’t wait to have kitkat on my magic device