Sphere Camera Add-on on Xperia Z1

Developer interview: Getting the full scope with Sphere and Camera Add-on API

The Camera Add-on API is a new addition to the Sony Add-on SDK that lets you integrate your own camera applications into the camera app on Sony Xperia Z1. Developer World reached out to the developers behind Sphere, an app for shooting visually transcending 360º panoramas, to ask about their experience on how the 20MP camera of Xperia™ Z1 has complemented their app, and helped them gain extra exposure through the Camera Add-on API. Read more after the jump.

Can you describe what your Xperia Camera App does?
With Sphere, Xperia Z1 users can record beautiful, multi-exposure spheres (360º panoramas) using a very intuitive camera interface and cutting edge processing technology. Uploading and sharing is a breeze as well, so you can contribute to one of the world’s largest and fastest growing 360º content platforms with interactive links, share via Twitter and Facebook, and more.

Sony Xperia Z1 camera mode selector

Sony Xperia Z1 camera mode selector

What was it like to add support for the Xperia Camera App features to your existing app?
Sony has made integration an absolute joy. Seriously, they’ve taken one of the most painful aspects of software integration, and made it extremely easy. The support was great, and all assets that we asked for were delivered. We’re big fans.

In your opinion, what is the main benefit of developing an Xperia Camera App?
Getting Sphere technology in people’s hands — directly through Sony’s native camera app — was a big draw. With great motion sensors, high quality optics, and a genius modal system within the Xperia Camera App on Xperia™ Z1, Sony has introduced the perfect complement to Sphere’s advanced tech and publishing platform.

Sphere - 360 Camera on Xperia Z1

Shooting 360º panoramas with Sphere

Do you think you will continue developing for Sony devices in the future?
You can absolutely expect to see Sphere on future Sony devices. We’re totally impressed.

So, are you interested in providing a more seamless camera experience for your users on the Xperia Z1? Then head out to the Sony Add-on SDK download page and grab the latest tools and documentation along with code examples to start using the Camera Add-on API in your app.

And, if you make an app that expands the user experience on Sony Xperia devices in an interesting way, our Stand out from the crowd program could be your big chance to get promoted on Sony devices, and in our online channels. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Drop us a line in the comments section below!

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  1. By federico stefanini


    Why sphere are for.Z1 and not for the compact version…been told to use the same cam?

  2. By Mihály Tháler


    I have an sony Z, I’m missig all the new features and software upgrades… :/

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