Discover new ways to grow your apps with the Sony Add-on SDK 2.0

It’s time to take your apps to new heights! Today we’re happy to announce the 2.0 release of the Sony Add-on SDK, where you’ll not only find updates to Smart Extensions APIs to optimise apps for the SmartWatch 2, but you’ll also discover a brand new API that you can use to integrate your own camera applications into the camera app on Sony Xperia™ Z1. Whether you’re looking to enrich your existing app with features to make it more competitive or looking for entirely new avenues of exposure, the Sony Add-on SDK is the place for you to start.

Learn more about what’s new in the latest release of Sony Add-on SDK after the jump.

What’s new for v2 SDK?
In this release of the Sony Add-on SDK, we’ve included support for the SmartWatch 2 and the new Camera Add-on API. The new API updates in Smart Extensions for the SmartWatch 2 add the following new possibilities:

  • You can now specify layouts to be displayed on the watch using the Android layout schema. In particular, the Gallery and ListView can enable much smoother scrolling on accessories than it was possible before.
  • With the new API, you are able to specify menus to be displayed via the Control API of SmartWatch 2. That greatly improves application usability and should pave way for more complex SmartWatch 2 applications to be built.
  • You can also access the compass/ magnetometer and light sensor

The new API addition to this SDK release is the Camera Add-on API. Using this API, you can extend your camera application to make it launch-able directly from Sony Xperia™ Z1 Smart Social Camera.

Sony Xperia Z1 Smart Social Camera

Sony Xperia Z1 Smart Social Camera

This way, your app will be more visible, and users will have an easy way to switch to your camera mode whenever they are using the Xperia™ Z1 camera app. Likewise, you can utilise the new API to integrate Xperia™ Z1 camera modes and settings into your own camera app, thus improving its functionality and usefulness to your users.

Widget API is not supported by SmartWatch 2. However, if you developed a Smart Extension app using the Widget API, the app will still work on SmartWatch 2. In addition, the Music infinite API is deprecated from this version.

How to get started
With Android SDK™ installed, it’s only a few more clicks to download the Add-on SDK from Sony. Packaged with the Add-on SDK 2.0 you’ll not only find the APIs and documentation necessary to start developing for a broad spectrum of Sony Xperia™ devices and accessories, but you’ll also find fully fledged code examples that you can use as a handy starting point when creating your own apps. Here you’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about how to improve the visibility of your apps with the help of the Smart Connect app.

The foundation for Sony’s most important APIs
Sony Add-on SDK 2.0 is an add-on package that runs alongside with your standard Android™ SDK. It’s the home for a wide range of important APIs that you can use to develop apps for Sony Xperia™ tablets, smartphones and Smart Accessories. There are four main APIs that constitute the immense possibilities of the updated Sony Add-on SDK, and can be utilised to do the following:

  1. Smart Extension APIs to develop for SmartWatch 2 and the original SmartWatch.
  2. Camera Add-on API – a brand new API to closely integrate your own camera app with Sony Xperia™ Z1.
  3. Small App API to create Small Apps compatible with Xperia™ Z1 , Xperia™ Z, Xperia™ ZL, Xperia™ Tablet Z and Xperia™ Tablet S.
  4. IR Remote API to develop IR remote enabled apps for Xperia™ Tablet Z, Xperia™ Tablet S and Xperia™ ZL.

Depending on the APIs in Sony Add-on SDK 2.0, the number of supported devices can differ. For a complete and up-to-date list of what devices are supporting what APIs, please refer to the Supported devices page.

If you have a developer related question about the Sony Add-on SDK 2.0, and you can’t find an answer to your question in the Sony Add-on SDK documentation kit, then you’re welcome to post your question on the Stack Overflow forum. There, a team of Sony developers constantly monitors, contributes and replies to questions regarding our products and tools. To make sure that we can find your query on Stack Overflow, please tag it “Sony” before posting!

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  1. By Thien Nguyen Duc


    is it posible to write an Android App for the Sony SmartWatch 2 to read and write NFC tags such as Mifare? If so, are there any restrictions on the mode of communication (Reader/Writer mode vs. P2P)?

  2. By Patryk Żółtowski


    “You can also access the compass/ magnetometer and light sensor” – does it mean smartwatch 2 has build-in magnetometer? Can’t find it in the spec

  3. By Ignatius Sia


    How soon can you release 4.2 or 4.3 or even 4.4 KitKat for our phones? Possible to be faster than HTC or Samsung? Slow updates is why I avoided them this generation. And with your open source policy and contributions, I am hoping you can beat them by doing things right on what they didn’t.

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