UPDATED: Android™ Open Source Project (AOSP) 4.3 now running on Xperia™ Tablet Z [video]

Just a couple of hours ago, Google released the source code for Android 4.3. And as you can see in the video above, we already have it running on Xperia Tablet Z, even though important functionality is not supported. And as a developer, you can build and flash it yourself as it is available on GitHub.

Update: The AOSP device configuration for Xperia Z and Xperia ZL over at GitHub is now also working for Android 4.3. Read on to get the details!

Android 4.3 is the latest maintenance release of Jelly Bean, and it has some nice new features like support for restricted profiles in the multiuser feature, and Wi-Fi® scan-only mode. You can check out all the news over at Android Developers. And as for Sony’s plans, check out the Sony Xperia News room tomorrow for some initial information on the Android 4.3 software upgrade for Xperia™ devices. And make sure you stay tuned to Developer World, as we soon will post more information about the work we do to get a new software version out to our users.

To get Android 4.3 running on your unlocked device, all you need to do is to head over to the device you’re interested in on GitHub (AOSP for Xperia ZAOSP for Xperia Tablet Z, or AOSP for Xperia ZL). There you will find all the necessary instructions in the Readme file. However, you should note that there are important functions missing and this is not software suited for daily use. This means that you should only install it if you are an advanced developer. You must also make sure that you understand the consequences of unlocking the boot loader. Feel free to drop us a comment below if you have any questions!

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  1. By Jose Emerson


    amigo, sabe como faço isso com o z1?

  2. By Nitin Singh


    my next phone will be iphone because u r not providing a good updates to xperia sola bye bye sony

  3. By Khin Papa


    Hi sony team, if posible I want [zawgyi myanmar font] . Xperia z tablets can use as phone?.. sorry this is my dream from sony. Thank u ! i like sony design . Can u supporting me?

  4. By Novák Ricsi


    Tisztelt Sony fejlesztő csoport

    Novák Richárdnak hívnak.

    Szeretnék segíteni a Sonynak. Úgy gondolom az ötleteimmel .hozzá járulhatok az Önök munkáját.

    Nagyon jók a Sony Xpria okos telefonok vagy a táblagépei.

    Egy hiba van .Az hogy fölmelegszik a négy mag os processzor mi att .Azt gondolom hogy a processzor hűtését kéne megoldani az okos telefonokban és táblagépekben is nagyon jó lenne .

    ÚJ Táblagéphez az ötleteim .

    Amdroidos Operációs rendszer

    Felsorolás Milyen legen :10.1 ,10.2, 11.6 legyen a Kijelző mérete . A Sonyra bízóm hogy melyiket fogja választani a 3 közül.

    Kijelző felbontás : 1920×1080 vagy 2550×1600

    8 magos vagy 4 magos és 2,2 GHz processzora legyen .

    RAM 3GB vagy 6GB

    Előlapi kamera 2,2 megapixel

    Hátlapi KAMERA 13 megapixel vagy 20 megapixel +mellé egy vaku

    HÁRTÉR TÁR Bővíthető legyen mikro sd kártyával.

    Kiegészítők : HDMI kimenet , GPS modul Li-ion, 7200 mAh USB TÖLTÉS be épített sztereóhangszórók és beépített mikrofon is NFC INFRA füllhalgató kimenet+ vizázó legen

    Valószínűleg ez lenne legjobb táblagép.

  5. By Anil Sasidharan


    Great move from Sony. Really appreciate this. Regarding the AOSP for Xperia Z, Is the source code compatible with Model: C6602 also? In the blog as well as github Readme, I see references to C6603 only, hence the question. Can I build and flash AOSP synced following instructions at https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/device-sony-c6603 onto my C6602 Xperia Z. Or do I have to make some changes to get this running on this model?

  6. By chengjian liang


    please update xperia L to 4.3!

  7. By salha13 sal


    Please update xperia sp!

  8. By Pintu Patel


    Android 4.3 should be for Xperia SP.
    Xperia SP consume lots of memory for an application kindly fixed it. for example google chrome consumed about 78 MB.