Xperia™ Tablet Z added to the AOSP for Xperia™ project on GitHub [open source]

Today we added Xperia Tablet Z to our Android™ Open Source Project (AOSP) for Xperia™ devices. Xperia Tablet Z follows in the footsteps of Xperia Z and Xperia S, which are open for developers to explore. Learn how to participate and get the latest technical status in the full post.

Just like for AOSP for Xperia Z and AOSP for Xperia S, the purpose of this project is to support Android developers.  We know that kernel sources and AOSP configuration is useful to custom ROM developers, and ever since we announced the project, we’ve received a number of requests to add more devices. It is also worth reiterating that the purpose of the project is not to make stable software suited for daily use.

Technical status for the different AOSP for Xperia™ projects
Since the AOSP for Xperia Z was first published, we have been able to replace some of the binaries with source code. More specifically, we’ve dropped the precompiled sensors lib and replaced it with our Dynamic Android Sensor HAL (DASH), which is also available as a separate project on GitHub. This opens up more opportunities for custom ROM developers to adapt the system to their needs. It’s also worth noting that with the newly updated kernel source, the latest version of the Qualcomm prima Wi-Fi® driver can be used. This makes it easier for us to use the Xperia™ Z and Xperia™ Tablet Z as development platforms for this component as well.

The AOSP for Xperia Tablet Z  starts off in a very similar state as the current status of AOSP for Xperia Z. And soon, we plan to add the configuration for Xperia ZL as well. Check out the code on our GitHub for the latest technical status!

Want to participate?
All collaboration and contributions will be handled through the GitHub tool, so just head over to the project you’re interested. In the readme files you will find all the instructions and information required to get started. Make yourself familiar with the code, and feel free to take a look at the ‘issue list’ to see where you might be able to help out. And just as before, all contributions will be managed by Björn Andersson and Johan Redestig who maintain the projects for all our AOSP for Xperia devices.

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  1. By Leena Soman


    I have downloaded and installed the AOSP 4.3 source code on my tablet (sgp321) After doing that, I found that encryption of internal memory does not work successfully. I mean, encryption completes and the phone reboots and asks for the PIN. But even the correct PIN is not accepted. After debugging, I found that the reason for this is that the location of the encryption metadata file is in the tmpfs and so the metadata file is lost on reboot. Is there a fix for this?
    Another question is that if I change the file contents for /userdata to the encryptable=footer, it does not work too. This happens since the filesystem does not seem to reserve the last 32k bytes for the footer correctly. Is there a way to configure this correctly?
    Any help is greatly appreciated!!

  2. By Ignatius Sia


    Agh, my comment disappeared. Retyping:

    -Will there be AOSP for Xperia SP? Great alternative competitor to Nexus 4 esp. in price.
    -Marketing forgot the SP. Potential to capture the larger lower income market is high.
    -Is the current Exmor RS chip camera performance on the SP the limit?
    -Looks like quite good at capture low light but noise ruins it to which I used SCN Backlight + HDR setting.
    -Superior Auto setting seems useless as Normal + HDR setting better output.
    -Also, camera software needs to remember last used setting/preset. It always defaults to Superior Auto. Delays the quick launch button usefulness quite a bit as I have to select my preferred settings again.

    Non-SP related:
    PlayStation Mobile and PlayStation Network should allow me who is in Malaysia to register an account and access the store regardless of credit card country issues so I’d be able to download the free Lemmings game. Also, I have a Paypal account as well. Why do you not want my money? So many hurdles.


    • By Anna Aleryd



      Thank you for your feedback, I will forward it to the developers behind the camera functionality. And as for adding AOSP for Xperia™ SP, I have to tell you that unfortunately we don’t have any plans to do so.

      When it comes to PlayStation Mobile and PlayStation Network, I don’t have any answers for you, but feel free to check out the PlayStation web site!

      Anna from Developer World

  3. By Syahmi Samri


    Will Xperia V receive AOSP? I really liked the Nexus 4 with AOSP and now I have Xperia V, hoping to get AOSP.



    Add Xperia 2011 in Android™ Open Source Project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or release ONLY the Camera libs for Jelly Bean.
    you forgot the 2011 lineup…I am a very disappointed.

  5. By Jonathan Pryce


    Before I say “great news! :)” it would be important to ask: is bootloader of Xperia Tablet Z fully unlockable? At least like the one on Xperia S?
    I’m asking because there is still no Tablet Z in and it confuses a bit. Maybe there is another page for tablets?

    • By Anna Aleryd



      Thanks for asking! The boot loader of Xperia™ Tablet Z is unlockable, and it has now been added to the list of supported devices.

      Anna from Developer World

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