AOSP now available for Xperia™ Z on Sony’s GitHub [open source + video]

***Update: Software binaries updated. ***

Remember our Android Open Source Project for Xperia S? Because of the great interest we saw in that project, we’ve now decided to create an AOSP project for Xperia Z as well. This means that the software will be open for you as a developer to use and contribute to. This is a way for us to continue our commitment to support the open Android community. It is also a tool for us to facilitate and verify contributions to AOSP on the APQ8064 Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Pro platform. Get the details after the jump!

Johan Redestig and Björn Andersson, senior software engineers at Sony.

Johan Redestig and Björn Andersson, senior software engineers at Sony.

About the project
Just as for the AOSP for Xperia™ S project, the AOSP for Xperia™ Z project will be maintained by Johan Redestig and Björn Andersson, senior software engineers at Sony. Now, if you go to Sony’s GitHub and check out the AOSP for Xperia Z project, you will find the code.

For the AOSP on Xperia™ Z project to run, we are also providing some binaries here on Developer World. Binaries are for example hardware drivers that are specific for a certain chipset. Since some of the binaries are proprietary files provided by Qualcomm, you can download Xperia Z binaries (updated version) after accepting an end-user license agreement that states how the files can be used and what limitations that exist. Remember that the software is not intended for everyday use, and it does not include some apps and services that are part of standard phone software. Build instructions can be found in the readme file in the AOSP for Xperia Z project on GitHub.

Current status
Even though the software is not suited for everyday use, there are actually a lot of things working already. It boots up, and we have the SD-card, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth™, GPS, LED light, and sensors working (at least partially). And as you can see in the video above, we are also having the modem and camera running internally. However, both of these functions require proprietary binaries that we cannot publish at this time.

How to contribute
If you are interested in making contributions, head over to the AOSP for Xperia Z project on GitHub. Make yourself familiar with the code and feel free to have a look at the issue list to see where you might be able to help out. All contributions are handled through the GitHub tool.

Coming updates
Going forward, the next step in this project is to replace some of the binaries provided here on Developer World with source code, and to release binaries for NFC to work. For the latest technical status, check out the AOSP for Xperia Z project on GitHub. And feel free to drop us a line in the comments below if you have any questions. We hope many of you developers will engage in and contribute to this project!

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  2. By Ashfaq Ahammed


    thanx for this info AOSP now available for Xperia™ Z on Sony’s GitHub [open source + video]
    Hulu plus Apk Download

  3. By Qəşəng Oğlan


    when will come lollipop for Sony z1?

  4. By Kapal Kumar Sutgur


    sony z6602 will update in android lollipop 5.0???

    • By Anna Aleryd



      This software is intended for developers, and not suitable for daily use. If you still want to install it, follow the instructions in the README file over at GitHub. Note that your phone must be unlocked.

      Anna from Developer World

  5. By Mithun Shanoj


    Can this be used for compiling for Xperia ZL as Z and ZL are super same?

  6. By Tamanna Saini


    the new software binaries is not working in c6602… Y????? kindly update any link for the same.

    • By Anna Aleryd



      This project never supported C6602, it has always been the C6603 variant. Unfortunately, we have a limited bandwidth and are not able to support all different variants of the phone model.

      Anna from Developer World

    • By Anna Aleryd



      Thank you for noticing! I have updated the links.

      Anna from Developer World

  7. By Christophe De Wolf


    Does this ROM support other models from the Z series? Like the ZL, ZQ or upcoming ZR?

  8. By ArunK Chow


    @Sony.. How did you install AOSP Build on the Xperia Z demonstrated in the video?

  9. By ANBU J


    OK.. What about c6602? I felt that I was cheated when I found that there are two models under the name of Xperia Z, and I have C6602.. There was an update rolled out for c6603 recently, and not available for me.. Even in this AOSP project, they are considering C6603.. What should I do now? Throw my phone?

  10. By Wouter Heijligen


    Hey, even with the new software binaries, there still isn’t much working, Wi-Fi MAC-address also is unknown, this should be the reason for the Wi-Fi not working. Also, I compiled the kernel myself with 4.7 toolchain, it compiled fine, size was dfferent then the precompiled one, but the AOSP rom only boots and that’s about it, the status of the project is:
    – Booting
    – Fast & Smooth
    – No Wi-Fi, bluetooth, even no sound, no GSM, no camera etc

    Please edit your info here, or update the sources again, otherwise I’ll try to make an AOSP rom from scratch using some proprietarie blobs for camera. Thank you for your info.

    • By ArunK Chow


      How are we supposed to install this AOSP on our phone..? Is it gonna come in a flashable package using Flash Tool with no need of unlocking the bootloader and stuff or Sony literally endorses the custom kernels with recovery to flash the CynogenMod like Zips? When Sony built this it better build it in a flashable like it’s Stock Firmwares. Other wise there is no point at all..!

      • By Anna Aleryd



        There are instructions for how to build and flash the AOSP software on your phone over at GitHub. To do this, you should be a developer with experience of building and flashing custom software. And keep in mind that this software is not intended for daily use, and it doesn’t have all the functions and services you would normally expect from a phone.

        As you can read in the article, the purpose of the project is to help community devs (like CyanogenMod and others) in their development, and also for us at Sony to have a tool to verify and facilitate contributions to Android in an open environment.

        Anna from Developer World

        • By ArunK Chow


          Hey Anna,

          Thanks for the reply. I did go through github and seems like everything is in place. Howerver, what stumped me is, my phone.. It appears like I cannot unlock the bootloader for my phone. I got it from Swedish Three network. I went to the Sony’s bootloader unlocking page and to my surprise I found that my phone has “Bootloader Unlock Allowed = No” mentioned in “Configuration” menu.
          Now my question is, does that mean I can never unlock the bootloader or there might be some procedure that Sony might throw out in near future? I’m sort off lost here!?

  11. By raffaele campino


    from what I see the colors seem to improve with this update, but we know what will disponibbile between the full update?
    There are micro lag, and the camera I think it can do much more than it is now.
    I’m not good at these things in fact I Parura to include this update hope you will find the solution soon and all the problems, I love the sony xperia z I do not mind the negative comments but I know I can give more than they are now.
    bye bye from Italy Raffaele 😀

  12. By Ashley Jacob


    Sony is late but kickass as before. It is known for its extensive research and perfection in designing and manufacturing its products. The Xperia Z is a masterpiece and is has a lot in its inventory to offer. Can’t wait to get hands on this machine and install One browser to it. Its an amazing browser and works best on android. It comes with a download manager which helps you to resume downloads even if you receive a call while downloading. To sum up an amazing phone and my next purchase. 🙂