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Developer World is Sony’s main hub for Android™ developers, and in addition to handy tutorials and the latest technical news, don’t forget that we also have valuable developer tools to help you in many stages of app development, whether you’re working on a Sony tablet, smartphone, or a mobile accessory. The BacklogTool, ChkBugReport, and XAppDbg are also open sourced, so you can modify these tools to suit your own development needs. Read further to get a quick summary of some of the tools available.

All of the developer tools we’ve created are in the Knowledge base section of Developer World, where you’ll find a collection of useful tools. You can use these to help you troubleshoot issues, debug code, analyse files in your APK file, and more. Here are some of the tools:

  • XAppDbgXAppDbg is an app development tool that can be used to change parameters in your code during runtime. This can save you a lot of time, since you don’t have to build and run your application for each small change. Go to the XAppDbg page to download and learn more about this open sourced tool.
  • BacklogTool – Use the open-sourced BacklogTool to organise and track your backlog. This web-based planning tool allows users to plan their daily work and easily rank their tasks using drag and drop. BacklogTool is decoupled from the development process, works well with different kinds of software development methods (Scrum, Kanban, and others), and can be easily customised to fit your development team’s needs. Go to the BacklogTool page to download and learn more.
  • ChkBugReport – This tool is used to quickly examine the output of an Android bug report. It takes the large text file that is output from the Android bug report tool and parses it into a more readable file for easier analysis. ChkBugReport is also open source project. Go to the ChkBugReport page to download and learn more.
  • APKAnalyser – This is a static, virtual analysis tool which you can use to get a thorough overview of your application architecture. Use it to examine API references, view application dependencies, and disassemble bytecodes in Android apps. The open-sourced APKAnalyser is a complete tool chain which supports modification of the binary application. You are then able to repack, install, run, and verify the result from logcat. Go to the APKAnalyser page to download and learn
  • AppXplore – With the AppXplore tool, you can go through all the apps installed on your Android device and dissect many application details – app version, package names, certificates, permissions, signatures, activities, and lots of other information that would not be normally viewable from the device. AppXplore is especially useful for seeing how much memory an app is using, and if the file is movable to the SD card. Likewise, developers can use AppXplore for testing and quality assurance purposes, to make sure their apps are showing the proper permissions in the manifest file. Check out the AppXplore page to download and get more information.

Keep checking back with Developer World for more developer tools going forward, including tutorials, best practices and much more. Do you see a need for a developer tool which may provide? Leave us a message or comment below and let us know.

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