Analyse your apps with the updated version of AppXplore [download]

The latest version of AppXplore – version 2.5 – is now available for download on Google Play. AppXplore is a free analysis tool that lists all the apps on your Android device, and gives you detailed information for each, including permissions used, Android™ versions supported, libraries shared, and much more. AppXplore is especially useful for seeing how much memory an app is using, and if the file is movable to the SD card. Likewise, developers can use AppXplore for QA purposes, to make sure their apps are showing the proper permissions in the manifest file. Read on to learn more about the latest features of AppXplore 2.5.

AppXplore is a free app that you can download from Google Play, and works on smartphones running Android™ 2.1 and higher. We’ve also confirmed that AppXplore works on Sony Tablet S and Xperia™ Tablet S. From the AppXplore screen, you can get specific details on all the apps stored on your device – much more information than you would normally get by going to the Settings option and viewing the list of installed apps.

App details versus AppXplore details

Comparison of Android System app details from Xperia™ Tablet S: left side is from standard Apps functionality, right side is from AppXplore.

AppXplore Features
With AppXplore, you can:

  • List all the installed applications and packages on your Android™ device.
  • Filter installed applications based on criteria:
    • Applications supporting backup agent.
    • Applications with the android:debuggable flag set true.
    • Applications using shared libraries.
  • Show the AndroidManifest.xml file of any application.
  • Save the AndroidManifest.xml on SD Card and share by email or text message.
  • Parse the AndroidManifest.xml file and get useful information of the applications, in an easy to read format.
  • Search for applications.

New features in AppXplore 2.5
In AppXplore 2.5, you’ll find these changes and updates:

  • Updated Installed packages view – new UI layout for menu options (Search your app, Filter applications, System Information, About)
  • Updated Filter applications view – updated UI layout for Filter applications.
  • Updated Package details view – new UI layout for menu options (Save, Share, View Resources, Open App Info).
  • System Information view – ability to view information about the device that is running AppXplore, including Manufacturer, Brand, Model, Device, and more.
  • Search your app – ability to browse for an app by inputting name into search field.
  • Resources Details view – ability to view the resources summary for an app, and the options to Save or Share the Resources summary information.
  • New Open App Info option – opens the App info window for the specified app. From this window, you can perform app actions including Force stop, Uninstall, move files to internal storage (when allowed), clear data, and clear the cache.
  • Highlighting of risky permission (signature and signatureOr system) in the Package details view. Red indicates the personal information and user data is being used by the app. Yellow indicates less sensitive personal information.

AppXplore can help you immensely
As you can see, these improvements to AppXplore can give you quick and easy access to information about the apps you’ve downloaded, whether they are intentional or accidental. And you’ll be able to quickly tell if an app is accessing too much of your personal information. From a developer perspective, AppXplore can also help with testing and QA, because you can review the package name, app signature, and permissions usage of your app (or your competitor’s app) to ensure details are displaying correctly.

For screenshots and more information about these updates, check out the AppXplore page. And if you have any feedback or issues with AppXplore, please leave us a comment below.

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