Play your mobile content on any device with the new Throw feature

Yesterday we announced the Xperia Z, which includes the new feature Throw. This feature lets you seamlessly play your music, and share videos and photos on your smartphone on another device.  With only a few clicks, you can easily connect your phone to a TV or a speaker by using screen mirroring, DLNA or Bluetooth®. To enable this seamless wireless content sharing, we have developed the Throw software engine which helps optimise and streamline your experience.  Read on for more details about how Throw works!

The Throw feature is integrated in the WALKMAN®, Album and Movies apps on recent Xperia™ smartphones, including Xperia™ T as well as the just announced Xperia™ Z and Xperia™ ZL (in other models, such as Xperia™ S, the feature is called Play on device.) With Throw, you’ll find that both the user interface, as well as the software, have been improved compared to previous versions. Now when you enjoy a music track, photo or movie on your phone, the Throw feature lets you pair your devices and play your content on a TV or speaker directly from the WALKMAN®, Album and Movies apps. This means you don’t have to go to the Settings menu to pair the devices.

The Throw icon – simply touch it to play your content on another device.

The Throw feature supports a range of different carrier technologies, to always be able to play your content in an optimised way:

  • TV – DLNA, screen mirroring.
  • Speaker – DLNA, Bluetooth®.

Use Throw to easily play your content on another device

Screenshots from the WALKMAN® app showing how you can access the Throw feature from the menu.

So how does it work then? Well, when you’re watching a video or photo, or when you’re playing your favourite music in one of Sony’s media applications – WALKMAN®, Album and Movies – you can “throw” your content to another device simply by choosing Throw  in the user interface. Then a list of all available devices appears and you can easily select the one you want to play your content on. In addition, the throw icon will appear in the Sony media applications as soon as a DLNA device or a paired Bluetooth® or screen mirroring device is within range.

Screenshot from the Throw UI showing a list of available devices.

If a connected device supports more than one way to connect, the Throw feature automatically selects the most suitable technology for your content. The connection methods are prioritised in the following way:

  1. Screen mirroring
  2. DLNA
  3. Bluetooth®

However, if you want all possible ways to connect to be shown in the list, you can easily define this in the Throw settings.

So, are you eager to check out the Xperia™ Z or the Xperia™ ZL with the improved Throw feature? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think!

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  1. By Veronica Giordano


    Helpful post.I using miracast dongle to connect my android phone to TV or other devices. And it works amazing and smoothly. I also followed this post carefully and I connected my device successfully. But I prefer adapter because it connect two devices wireless and effectively. I bought this display adapter from wireless screen mirroring and here is I got many options. I love to do work with it.

  2. By app toko


    I feel very blessed that I found the website. I really loved being your loyal reader.
    Recently I have found something interesting to the readers like me.

  3. By Tarun Saini


    Can sony walkman nw a35 Can be connected to xperia m4 aqua

  4. By Maciej Purcidis


    It’s not exactly related to Throw feature but what are the chances that Sony will develop an application/service similar to Samsung SideSync? My wife uses is with her work mobile and I’m totally blown away by it’s functionality and ease of access. You can transfer files, charge the battery and present phones screen on the PC while phones screen is turned off. I’d love to hear anything about Sony counterpart, please…

  5. By towel root


    yes you can play almost everything on you android mobile you just needs to download free cartoon hd app.

  6. By Daniel Engström


    This was the most stupid and useless app you ever invented.
    Now I can only have one of my 3 bluetooth headsets paired with my phone, because otherwise it pauses my music for several minutes every 15 minutes or so, while it tries to connect to the other devices, which I am not using at the moment.
    There is also no way to disable it or uninstall it.

  7. By Olivier Kaloudoff



    thanks for this Throw feature (mobile device TO Tv or any Audio device) …
    What about the *opposite feature*, ie: The sound of my Xperia Z5 is so good that I want to use the Xperia Z5 as a quality DAC, to stream from PC or Mac, using USB as Digital Audio In, and jack as Analog out to my old Jack/RCA amplifier ?

  8. By Rozilin Linda


    I noted that niw when I played video using my phone, it keeps give pop up say I do not have Throw.

  9. By Lee Kotsumoto


    I’m used to connec my Phone to my car stereo system but now suddenly i no longer get any sound. My music app is playing, my stereo shows it is playing as well. Even though both sounds are on, there is no sound

  10. By Eera Jjang


    For the past few month before i can use this feature with my laptop.. but suddenly after a month, it just dont work anymore.. I try to cancel the device from lappy n phone then i add the devices again, but still didnt work.. what happen? please help me..!

  11. By Wayne Stevenson


    I have trouble throwing videos that I record, to my tv they take ages loading and dont play. Is this due to slow internet connection?

  12. By Vasko Painera


    Hi, i have a not so big problem but… just to consulte with you. When i connect my xperia z3 with my denon bluetooth receiver it has soo bad quality after above 1 minute of listening. Another one with this problem? Ooo and the other phones of my family works without problems and the quality is perfect.

  13. By Chris White


    Can I throw films or content to PS4?

  14. By alireza hejazi


    I have a problem w/ this feature. after seting a video to play on tv, I can’t play video on mobile anymore when tv is out of reach! Device looking for previous renderer (tv) and can’t find so an error occurred “can not play this file”

    • By Anna Aleryd


      Hi Alireza,

      For a product related question like this, you need to contact Xperia Care. The support forum over at is a good place to start!

      Best regards,
      Anna from Developer World

  15. By Gerald Lerman


    How do I get rid of it? It’s been connecting for days and I don’t want it to connect to anything.Ididn’t askfor this.How do I get it off my phone?

    • By Anna Aleryd


      Hi Gerald,

      For a product related question like this, you need to contact Xperia Care. The support forum over at is a good place to start.

      Best regards,
      Anna from Developer World