Tutorial reboot: Scaling images for Android™ apps

If you’re currently working on an app where image scaling is needed, such as when you’re developing a SmartWatch extension for your application, don’t forget that we have a handy tutorial to explain how to get images scaled correctly. Andreas Agvard, a Senior Software Engineer at Sony, has created an image scaling code example that you can download, compile, and run. Read more after the jump.

If you’re having scaling problems, for example, your images are too large and causing memory problems or scaled incorrectly, Sony Software Engineer Andreas Agvard, has a solution for you, as reported in an earlier blog post, How to scale images for your Android application. In general, you will want to isolate the scaling problem, then crop and fit the image with your code. You can also download Andreas’ code example project to get started on scaling images for your app. Check out the How to scale images for your Android application tutorial and learn more!

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  1. By Rimas Flyil


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  2. By re ne


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