Binary blob contributed to CyanogenMod open source GitHub [open source]

Supporting the open developer community is as always important to us, and our latest contribution available is a binary blob for CyanogenMod (CM) that fixes an audio lib issue recently reported by the community. This patch is now available on a FreeXperia git repository. Read on to learn what it does, and how  Oskar Anderö (in the picture), helped CM with this binary blob. Oskar is a software developer at Sony.

As part of our continued dialogue with external, community-driven Android developers, we heard that the CM team was having problems with the audio lib for our ST-Ericsson based products, including Xperia™ P and Xperia™ U. Since the audio lib is proprietary binary that we can’t release sources for, Oskar Anderö set up the CM environment and worked on re-creating the problem internally. The issue was debugged, and turned out to be a problem with mismatching struct definitions, causing a null pointer dereference in the proprietary library. Oskar then did a binary blob for CM, which was pushed to CM’s proprietary binary GitHub. This build fixes the mediaserver crash when playing sound during phone call and when recording audio.

Thanks again to the open Android community for allowing us to collaborate with you. We’re glad that we could provide support to you external devs this time, and we’ll continue to be on the lookout for other issues you raise within the open Android community. If you want to know more about some of the initiatives Oskar Anderö has been involved with, check out the DASH, the Dynamic Android Sensor HAL framework.

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  1. By Дмитрий Тепляков


    Hi! You can modify JB audio blobs Xperia P (LT22i) for CyanogenMod 10, as you did it for CyanogenMod 9.1?

    And need help with ALS!
    It create very high load cpu (CyanogenMod 9.1, 10)!



    One of the major issues with this is that the HDMI libs have not been released till now. Which makes the CM not viable for mobiles that have HDMI. It’s true that people have upgraded there mobiles to CM10 at the cost of HDMI but it would always remain incomplete/buggy as there is no other way to make it work without the HDMI libs.
    I hope that you would look into the matter and at-least provide one solution to make the hardware work. We don’t want all the new software features to be there in CM but can we at-least expect the Hardware to work in-case we want to try out CM?

  3. By Max Pax


    this news surprised me in a good way
    thank you

  4. By Alper Bektaş


    is there any 3.4 kernel develop for 2011 xperia’s(using neo v). we realy need this .

  5. By cordell abney


    Just checking to to say Awesome! Sony has really stepped up in the development world. I have been a HTC (no longer), currently a Samsung fan, but Sony is looking real good here lately, nice job!

    Nexus 5 in Sony’s future? 😉

  6. By quincie joaquin


    Im new here just want to ask what is mmi code for w8 e16i?

  7. By Roger Basco


    Thanks sony now i have cm 10 on my 2011 device working perfectly. ¿it would be possible to port cyanogenmod to xperia tablet s and the sony tablet s?

  8. By Ryan Fox


    Signed in to say well done!

    Although I own the Galaxy S3, I can without a doubt say my next purchase will be a Sony!


  9. By Cristián Marcelo González


    Karl, the community need the HDMI libs for 2011 phones, CM10 is running sweet but lacks HDMI support because of that, is possible that you or someone on Sony, works in this issue?

    • By Jonas Hellström


      Hi Cristián!

      Together with a few other Sony devs, I have been looking into the HDMI issue for a while now, trying to help get HDMI support into CM for the 2011 Xperia™ smartphones. This is related to the kernel implementation and unfortunately there is currently no solution for it.

      On the brighter side, devices from 2012 and onwards have a different implementation, which allows for easier integration into CM.

      Jonas from Developer Technical Services

      • By Paul B



        So I see you’ve given up supporting HDMI on the Xperia Arc. Is it possible to get the HDMI ICS code open sourced?


      • By Todor Xperius


        Still, no sign of HDMI on 2011 devices. Is there anything you can do to make this possible to us? Anything, maybe porting it from ICS of releasing the source code for devs, anything? It would be really appreciated.

      • By Todor Xperius


        Still, no sign of HDMI for 2011. We really would like it, is there anything you can do to provide this to us? Anything? Maybe porting it from ICS or at least source code?

      • By Cristián Marcelo González


        Well I hope that a solution can be found, I like very much my 2011 phone. Don’t want to invest in a new one yet.

  10. By Andrej Dundović


    I don’t understand from this blog post why the audio lib should be proprietary binary that you can’t release sources for?

    Did you develop it and in control of it? If yes, I don’t see why don’t you release it as free software. Proprietary binary blobs are always causing problems to the community because of hard maintenance, impossible debugging, limited innovating possibilities and so on…

    Releasing it as proprietary binary blob you are the only one to have obligation and responsibility to maintain it – does Sony have a resources (time and money) for that?

    I think that you done only an ill turn on the long run to the community and I hope that you will reconsider your decision.

    • By Anna Aleryd


      Hi Andrej,

      Thank you for your feedback! As you touch upon in your comment, this code is not owned by us but by ST-Ericsson, which means we are not allowed to publish it as open source. So publishing a binary blob was really the best way we could support the FreeXperia team in this case.

      Anna from Developer World

      • By Andrey Kolov


        Dear Anna,

        While the reasons for the binary blob you gave here are clear, it would be nice if you could also answer 2 additional questions:

        1. What will happen after release of the future, non yet existing versions of Android ? Will Sony release new versions of blobs ? If yes, than what are plans for the duration of support (i.e. “4.x – sure yes, 5.x probably no” or anything else ?) ?

        2. Is that possible to release some technical documentation that the community will be able to use for development of FOSS alternative to the closed library ? Speaking wider: is it even considered by Sony to open hardware documentation as does Intel or AMD so the community will be able to write drivers etc ? I would suggest as useful option for you because we will than be able to do some part of in-house work and for Sony it will be cheaper to adapt code for the new devices with similar HW.

        Thanking you in advance for the answer.

      • By Andrej Dundović


        Thank you Anna for the quick answer.

        It’s understandable then from the legal point of view why there is only a proprietary blob release, but still, it would be really nice that you (I mean Sony Mobile) try to assure partners to release all future software as free software so that you could add additional value to your products. With free software community could create more and get more from the same hardware.

        At the some time you could easily take this community’s work back to the upstream for free – that is the main reason why free software / open source is rapidly gaining popularity in the business world – lower cost software development.

  11. By swapnil bangar


    when can we expect xperia s aosp rom release for public?

  12. By swapnil bangar


    hey ,
    when can we expect xperia s aosp rom release?

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