Small App developer for “Mini camera” awarded with a free Xperia™ Tablet S

A few weeks ago, we challenged all you developers out there to create an app that makes use of the Small Apps multi-tasking functionality in the Xperia™ Tablet S. We received a lot of interesting submissions that deserve mention, such as Muhammad Hakim A’s Al Mishbah Small App and Victor Kropp’s Board Game Dice Roller Small App. But one Small App stood out above the rest – tebaokoshi’s Mini camera . This simple, yet elegant Small App uses the tablet’s camera functionality, and has some handy options. We reached out to tebaokoshi to share the good news, and to learn more about how the Mini camera Small App was developed. Read more after the jump.

Tebaokoshi is a (personal) developer who lives in Japan, and Mini camera is one of the first apps being developed, with more apps coming in the near future.

Joe Padre: Congratulations on your Small Apps submission. The Mini camera was the top entry!

Tebaokoshi: I’m very happy to hear that my app has been selected! Thank you so much!

JP: What inspired you to make this Small App?

T: I hadn’t really considered publishing any apps before this, but when I heard about Sony’s search for Small Apps, it seemed like a great opportunity to work on a camera app I had in mind. And the chance to win a free Sony Xperia™ Tablet S was also a nice incentive.

Mini camera Small App

Screenshot of tebaokoshi’s “Mini camera” Small app running on Xperia™ Tablet S.

JP: What does your Small App do?

T: It’s a small yet simple camera application showing in a small window. As a Small App for the tablet’s camera, you can resize the app window, or minimise it by moving to the right or lower end of the screen. Screen rotation is also supported. To take a picture, push the camera button or tap the preview image. The app also allows you to pinch zoom in or out of a preview image. Plus there are shortcuts for setting Colour Effect and White Balance.

JP: How easy was it to use the Sony Tablet SDK Add-on to create your Small App?

T: It was quite easy for me because I had the Sony Tablet SDK Add-on documentation and Small Apps code example to refer to. However, at the first step, I had a little difficulty because the Small App is not Activity, but a Service which has window.

JP: Your Mini Camera for Small Apps has several handy options. How did you decide what functionality to include?

T: The Mini camera can take photos in a small window, so I thought it would be helpful to see the photos taken in the Gallery app while taking pictures. So the app has a button to launch the Gallery (or Album) app. Also I wanted to provide standard camera functions, so I made sure to include features such as switching between front and back camera, colour effects, and white balance. In addition, focusing on a subject in such a small window was difficult to achieve in the app widget, so to compensate for it, I added the feature to zoom by pinching in or out.


We thank tebaokoshi for the interview and the great Small App. If you want to check out more of tebaokoshi’s work, you can download a Small App called RSS Reader, which is a simple RSS news feed reader. Have fun with your new Xperia™ Tablet S!

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    • By Joe Padre


      Hi Lei,
      Thanks for your question. According to our Developer Support team, Small Apps can only execute on AsyncTask because it’s a service meant to execute by the platform as an AsyncTask. There can only be one process in the foreground in Android at a time, which is normally the app running beneath Small Apps.
      Thanks and best regards,
      Joe from Developer World

  1. By Rimas Flyil


    Thanks for the response. i bought it from UK only. the model number of the product is SGPT122GB. thanks .

  2. By Rimas Flyil


    When i got my tablet i switched it on i got a popup saying i got an update so i have clicked the update buttun to update . when i update the firmware . its boot first time and came with and “error code0” and after that i couldnt find any sony applications on the tablet. i have dont the factory reset as well pressing the Volume+ button when switch on the tablet. then it loaded normaly no errors but no sony application and when i check the build number its “Unknown(US)” .i didnt download the sotware form anyother source. it came through the tablet only. I dont have and option to do. i have a Xperia T and Xperia S , but i never had a problem like this. is their is any application like PC Companion so i can repair. please help me.thank you very much
    follow this link for screen shots

    • By Joe Padre


      Hi Rimas,
      Sorry to hear about your update issues. Unfortunately, there isn’t an app like PC Companion that you can use to repair the software. The updates are done through the Settings option on the tablet. Did you purchase your Xperia Tablet S outside of the UK, then bring it in to the UK? In your screenshot, there should have been a country code immediately after the model number SGPT12. This would tell us what country’s software the device is set to. In any case, a reboot of the device is necessary. I’ve opened up a trouble ticket at a US Sony Store for further analysis of the situation, which hopefully can get you an answer by next week.
      Thanks and best regards,
      Joe from Developer World

  3. By Rimas Flyil


    Why We cant Update Xperia Tablet S Through Update Service. it must be much easier to repair like Xperia Phones. my Xperia Tablet S had a Software issue 2 weeks ago. still sony technical team working on it. I am from UK my Case ID is 7688710. i Received a US Update instead of UK. all the pre installed sony applications are missing. if you need more information i can send it. two weeks now whenever i call they saying my case is escalated and asking the same question again and again. please help me.

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