XDA-developers name Sony “OEM of the year”

Today, XDA-developers comes with some great news, as they have announced that Sony is named OEM of the year. We’re really honored by this, and we’re glad to see that our collaborations with the tech community are being so appreciated. We would actually like to send a big thank you to all of you in the community, especially highlighting the FreeXperia team for all their work. Going forward, we will continue to support the tech community. Stay tuned to Developer World, more dev-friendly initiatives are coming soon! Read more about Sony being named “OEM of the year” on the XDA website.

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  1. By Munjeni Myprivate


    Hope we get “opened public” libaudio, libhardware, at_core, librill, libsensors, ste_omxcomponents… its realy needed for developers !!!

  2. By Leonardo Rojas


    Please Sony, release a ultimate update for ICS, it’s buggy for too many users!

    Though I’m very happy with my rooted (but the same ROM) Xperia Pro with Gingerbread. But, you need to care for the thousands of users having problems with the update! Show some care for them Sony!

    – Leo.

    Pd: Or realease driver updates for the 2011 Xperias!! Don’t be so mean!!

  3. By Anonymous


    Sony.. please… you left us with a BLOATED ICS.
    I’m running a custom rom of JB 4.1.2 on my Xperia Pro and runs way quicker than stock ICS.
    Please.. release the sources, or the drivers for all phones, so we can compile our custom kernels and roms better… PLEASE.

  4. By Naman Gupta


    It’s good to see that Sony have started to realize the great potential of the free enthusiast developers out there.
    XDA is the main resource hub for everything ANDROID for all brands. And ‘Sony’ being named as the OEM of the year is certainly a huge honor. And this would also attract other developers to switch to SONY for developing there own apps as well. It’s a win-2 situation for both. More people would go for SONY as they would have the most supported number of apps for there devices as well.

    There own development might be slow. But, the open-ness that they have shown towards the open source community would make sure that they won’t be bogged down by critisim as people would have the latest softwares & ROM options avaiable to them through the XDA community even before other brands out there.

    Though, I would just like to have a bug free Sony Xperia PRO ICS update.

    Way to go SONY. I just hope that they release a BUG free version of ICS!

    • By Leonardo Rojas


      Cool. Congrats! Though we need to get into XDA to get our phones a ROM with less bugs that yours!

      Yeah bro. They need to release a BUG free version of ICS for the Xperia Pro. We deserve it. Listen Sony!

      – Leo.

  5. By Sayed Karim



    Why Sony do not have on-line store for Pakistan and we also can’t find Sony smartphones specially Xperia S Accessories in Pakistani markets?

    Pakistan have large base of cell phone users and we also have online payment gateways and even can use moneybookers for purchase from any where but sony not marketing and providing their products properly.

    Last week i went to mobile markets and search a lot of shops for Sony Xperia S and just found 1 PIECE in a shop…. while even I did not find Sony Wireless headphone.

  6. By Gandhar Kamat


    yes sony has been great,
    i won’t ask for jellybean to 2011 lineup, but
    do one last thing and please release the jellybean camera libs for the 2011 lineup.
    this is the one thing that’s missing and somehow breaks the aosp camera.
    thank you

  7. By lahouari goujil


    Good new but you need to improve communication, you let us monthes without any infos about JB updates which let all sort of rumors being propaged.
    Sony strategy is strange releasing upmarket mobile with same spec like Xperia S, Xperia T, etc. Same 1.5ghz double core, 1G RAM, 12/13Mpx camera and ICS ! Nothing new except the design !

  8. By Victor Villaseñor


    Very well deserved… however, as first post indicates, you guys only need to fast track delivery of updates and additionally provide API and driver updates for your newer platforms so developers can thinker with your devices faster (Thinking NovaThor/STE here, its really tricky to get CM10 going without some inputs/blobs from Sony)

    Also…. a Xperia Nexus would be an amazing momentum keeper, just saying !

  9. By Aleksandar Stefanović


    I’m really surprised.

    The only thing Sony’s doing wrong is updates.

    Ironically, Sony released beta ICS when no one else did, but Sony devices got the actual update very late.

    Change your system, find a way to just overlay AOSP with Sony’s UI, and then release as soon as possible.

    • By Eir Apps


      No, please don’t do that.

      Take your time to properly tweak the system, and release a version you think works best for a certain device. We trust the decisions of Sony’s engineers.

      Because I upgraded to ICS despite Sony’s warning that it may affect the performance of my Sola, and it affected it so badly that I downgraded after a few days.

      I’m VERY satisfied with an “outdated” Gingerbread that FLIES.

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