Multiscreen UX Competition

New Multi-Screen UX Competition – win promotion at global events & in Sony channels

If you have a new and innovative app, service or game designed for multiple screens, or if you have a unique idea for such a use case, then the new Sony-sponsored Multi-Screen UX Competition might be something for you. If  your user experience (UX) is designed for a smartphone, tablet, TV, PC, or SmartWatch – or any combination of these devices, you might get promoted in Sony stores or highlighted as a showcase listing on the sponsor websites. Read more about the competition and what you can win after the jump.

The Multi-Screen UX Competition 2013, arranged by Nikkei BP, welcomes creators, planners, and developers from all over the world, to submit their unique, innovative applications and ideas for new kinds of entertainment and user experiences (UX) which leverage multiple devices including smartphones and tablets. Entries will be accepted starting from November 8, 2012 through January 16, 2013.

Four Sony Screens

Sony’s four screens – smartphones, tablets, TVs and computers.

Contest criteria & four screens definition
The competition involves two categories that you can enter in, Apps or Ideas.

  • Apps category – for this category, we’re looking for development of creative Android apps and web services for smartphones and tablets. The submission should demonstrate originality and ingenuity. The work should also be user-friendly, and show well thought out designs in detail. Finally, the work should be scalable enough to accommodate the additions of users and new functionality.
  • Idea category – for this category, we’re also looking for creativity and extensibility, focusing on ideas for new ways of using multiple screens. This submission should be a unique proposition with the potential to deliver an entertaining user experience.

In each category, the submission is required to run on at least two screens, including smartphones or tablets. Mandatory target devices are any one of the following:

  • Two or more smartphones.
  • Two or more tablets.
  • Tablet(s) and smartphone(s).

It is optional to include TVs and PCs. English is a mandatory language for the app.

To enter your submission, simply fill out the Multi-Screen UX Competition 2013 application form. Need a device to test with? For developers in the U.S. and Canada, you can borrow an Xperia™ smartphone or a Sony Tablet ™ S for free through our Device Loaner Program. Or you can use the emulators included in the Sony add-on SDK.

The prizes
As you can read in the official press release from Nikkei BP, the winner of the App category will be offered booth space at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain (February 25-28, 2013) to showcase their applications. The winner will also be offered full flight and hotel accommodations. For winners of the Idea category, Sony products will be awarded.

Schedule & important dates
The contest is accepting applications and ideas from now until January 16, 2013. Winners will be announced at Mobile World Congress 2013. Here is the full schedule:

  • September 20-23, 2012: Competition announced at Tokyo Game Show 2012.
  • September 27: Kickoff event (invitation only).
  • November 8, 2012 to January 16, 2013: Entries accepted.
  • February 25-28, 2013: Award winners announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


So, are you up for the challenge? If you need some technical developer help, let us know through the Comments sections section below and we will make sure to help you as soon as possible.

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