Sony takes lead on AOSP on Xperia™ S project [video]

For some time now, Jean-Baptiste Quéru (JBQ), technical lead of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) at Google, have been working to get the AOSP running on Xperia™ S. Today, we are moving the AOSP on Xperia S project from the main branch of the AOSP to a Sony git on GitHub. This is because while JBQ considers the Xperia™ S AOSP experiment a success, from Jelly Bean MR1 Xperia™ S will not be kept as a target device on the main AOSP branch. However, as we can see a great interest from the community we will continue the work on a Sony git and keep it open for external partners and developers to contribute. Read on as Björn Andersson and Johan Redestig, software engineers at Sony, explain more!

Johan Redestig and Björn Andersson, software engineers at Sony.

Hi! We’re Johan Redestig and Björn Andersson, and we work as software engineers at Sony. We have both worked with Android bring ups since Sony Ericsson’s first Android smartphone was developed, and we are both frequent contributors to the AOSP. Feel free to check out the AOSP website to find contributions by Johan Redestig and contributions by Björn Andersson. Now going forward, one of our tasks will be to maintain the AOSP on Xperia™ S git from Sony side.

From our side, it’s quite understandable that the Xperia™ AOSP project is now moving to our GitHub, as Google can’t maintain non-Nexus devices on the AOSP main branch in the long run. From Android 4.2, Xperia™ S will not be kept as a target device on the main AOSP branch. However, ever since JBQ started the AOSP on Xperia™ S project, we have seen a great interest from the community, and this is why we want to continue the project ourselves. We also see a lot of benefits in this ourselves.

When we’re now continuing the project, it means we will have a great tool to verify and facilitate contributions to AOSP. And since it is an open project, we will be able to collaborate with Google and Qualcomm as well as with the open developer community.

Technical status of the project
As for the current status and progress of the AOSP on Xperia™ S project, we actually have a lot of things working now. With the code we’re now making available on GitHub, AOSP now boots up, and we have the SD-card, Wi-Fi® and sensors working. And as you can see in the video above, internally we also have audio and the modem running. However, these functions require proprietary binaries that we cannot publish at the time being.

Going forward, the next steps are to replace some of the previously published binaries with source code, and to get Android 4.2 working on Xperia™ S. This can be used as a development platform, and as a base for the work of opening up source code for more modules. For the latest technical status, check out the project on GitHub.

We hope to see many of you developers from the open Android community participate in the project, so if you are interested in making contributions, head over to the project on GitHub. Make yourself familiar with the code and feel free to have a look at the issue list to see where you might be able to help out. And if you have any questions, drop us a comment below!

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  1. By Uchiha Itachi


    Will sony Xperia s obtain the official firmware update for android 4.4 kitkat? Why are Xperia s updates taking so much time to be release?

  2. By michael Destiny


    I follow the way told in . After I flash the img into my lt26ii, GSM &3G didn’t work on 4.2.1. And it seems has no one maintained the lt26 project in GitHub.
    Need your help. Thanks.

  3. By Dejan Stanojevic


    So, any further plans for the great Xperia S phone? 🙂


  4. By Fabio Krauss


    Xperia S and Xperia Acro S are both lt26 models, and on the Google porject status lt26 is the model. My question is: does the AOSP version work also on Xperia Acro S?


    • By Anna Aleryd



      Thank you for asking! The purpose of this project is not to make stable software suited for daily use, but to provide a tool for the Android™ community. And also to make contributions to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) easier to verify for us at Sony.

      Anna from Developer World

      • By noorul hasan


        If u really want 4.2 in xperia s see slim ROM . only one thing they need from u guys is HDMI TV out that Sony stock has and they don’t .pls send them the source for HDMI TV out soon

  5. By Joseph Todorov


    Sony I have XPS since May 2012. I am so sorry for buying this phone. I hate it. When I was in the shop I was going to buy or Samsung Galaxy S2 or Iphone 4S. But I was offered with Sony Xperia S with 12mpx camera. WoooW. So I chose it and I hate my self for this, because if I sell it I will not be able to buy another phone. From the first day I realized that the software is slow and the camera is far away from the adverts. Focusing problem? What? You have thousands pages with complaints and for 7 months you dont have results. Shame of you! Even Arc S makes better photos. I spent all my savings for cameraphone. Everytime when people around me tell me to make picture with my 12mpx camera i am explainig that this phone sux, how slow it is, how bad is the focus and the noise of the picture is like in the 80`s, and when nobody believes me i make picture in front of them to proove that SONY XPERIA S is the most expensive rubish I ever bought. And only: I bought it from Jordan with international guarantee, but I live in bulgaria and I have to pay for the repair of camera – this was the answer from Sony centres in Bulgaria. Also I have dead pixels but I used to that, so you don` have to worry. I have HDMI cable in the package but when I play video on my TV it breaks on 2-3 seconds. Congrats on your affords. Nowadays I see every where advertisements of my phone by the leading mobile service supplier and I am wondering how many people will feel the disappoiuntment like me… And if you have answer you can write me on the email which I fild in the registration form

  6. By jr sy


    This is nice news though I’m not a developer, this is a great strategy by Sony. This might benefit future phones software due to they are opening to community which means more development for the future. all they need now is to sort and choose what’s useful or not. I hope Sony listens now in hardware and product launching issues. Example here is Battery on xperia product line. Another, the battery capacity cannot meet its feature, then why would they make two mid range phone simultaneously? they are many things it needs to address.

  7. By Алексеев Александр


    Thank you for the source code!
    I tried to collect on the firmware last week but I have not earned the mobile network. In the video, the network operator is working, what could be the problem?
    Noticed a slight flicker when scrolling icon menu

  8. By Roberto Pereira


    And how about to give the chance to other Xperias like the P and U. They the same.

  9. By Timothy Sun


    合适才能用上aosp项目的rom? 中国用户都在期待你们的进展能快速前进,早日用在设备上。

  10. By Mattias Rådström


    I have to applaud Sony in their commitment towards the community. The work being done is fantastic and I would never buy a phone from another company if you keep this up.

    With that said, I’d like to hear Sonys opinion on having two versions available. One “power-user” version with Vanilla-android and one with Sony UI. That way, the vanilla-version could be released a lot sooner then the other one and Sony would get the by far best reputation when it comes to updating their devices. You would also differentiate from the other OEM’s by giving us an experience which very few devices normally get.

    A enthusiasts dream would of course be you releasing every piece of documentation and driver but I believe that’s a no-go from the chipsuppliers view.

    So, why isnt there a Vanilla-android available? Is it hard to build? Not economically viable?

  11. By Rodd Lever


    how soon will this AOSP FIRMWARE be ready for us Xperia S user to be able to upgrade or download with an installer or something for us normal Xperia S owner to use? Hope it’s very soon as i’m almost had enough of the BUG RIDDEN ICS 4.0.4 (6.1.A.0.453) UPDATE and the lottery that’s the SI number attached to when, whether or not my Xperia S get it update, and a quick question to finish, why should i keep with Sony when i upgrade from my Xperia S to another Sony Xperia phone and not choose an iPhone with it’s annual OS update and very quick bug fixes. because i’d love to know and really need an answer, and perhaps you could ask Sony if you don’t have one before i get rid of my Xperia S after only 4 months of ownership??????????????????????????

    • By Anna Aleryd



      I’m sorry to hear you have had a bad experience. Like we say in the blog post, the main purpose of the AOSP on Xperia S project is not to make a software suitable for daily use, but to have a development tool we can use to verify contributions to Android. However, check out the news blog, where our colleagues just confirmed that Xperia™ S will get a Jelly Bean update with the Sony experience.

      Anna from Developer World

      • By noorul hasan


        Hey just send source code for HDMI Tv out for xperia s to kufikugel … If u really do Wt u say

      • By Rodd Lever


        i would take the aosp on my xperia s that the buggy ics i have now although it to may have bugs they are being worked on unlike the ice firmware.

      • By Rodd Lever


        by the time the Jelly Bean 4.1.? update it will arrive too late and with Sony’s lack of commitment to it’s Xperia 2012 range and one seriously bodged update to the Xperia S (ICS update) i’ll not longer have this terrible Sony phone. although i hate apple and the iPhone it will give me support for at least 3 years of OS update where as the 4.1.? Jelly Bean will probably be it’s last. or can Sony promise a 4.2 or even a android 5.0 update to it’s Xperia 2012 range including my XPERIA S. i believe not

  12. By chee kang


    is good to hear that Sony have this project.. but, after i watch that video, i like more now Sony android homepage, menu and more. but not now the android software handset above is as same as copy the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.. and just the music player and the answer calling is different then the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. i hope that Sony can maintain the same android software as now..

    • By Anna Aleryd



      Glad to hear you like our Sony UI! What you see in the video is the vanilla Android UI. This software is not intended to replace the Sony unique experience on our phones, but will be used as a tool for verifying our contributions to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The project is not run on our main Sony software branch.

      Anna from Developer World