New promotion channel for game developers with “Xperia™ exclusive” in-game content

We’re excited to announce a new promotion channel for game developers called Xperia exclusive, which will be visible on the majority of all Xperia™ smartphones and tablets. This channel will promote games and game developers who are willing to go the extra mile and create unique in-game content exclusive to Xperia™ smartphones. It could for example be special Xperia™-car, or the option to play as a new character. These games will also include a link from the main menu of the Xperia™ exclusive list (for the best discoverability of new games), and they will be fully optimised for Xperia™ smartphones. Are you a game developer who wants to be part of this? Learn more after the jump.

Xperia exclusive is a great way for consumers to find games containing extra treats and optimisations for Xperia™ smartphones. These extra treats could be a special feature such as a new character, a special price, or a new level.  The Xperia™ exclusive list is showcased off of the Sony Select application on Sony Xperia™ smartphones and tablets, and at start, we’re highlighting three great games: Mini Motor Racing, Gunman Clive, and MegaCity HD.

Xperia™ exclusive titles – Mini Motor Racing, Gunman Clive, and MegaCity HD
Our first batch of Xperia™ exclusive titles that deliver unique features and optimisations specifically for Sony Xperia™ users include:

  • Mini Motor Racing – in this game, the developers from The Binary Mill have added exclusive in game content in form of a cool Xperia™ supercar that users can race with.
  • Gunman Clive – developer Bertil Hörberg has included an exclusive option where users can play as a new character, the heroine Miss Johnson, and save the main character Clive (in opposite to how it’s normally played).
  • MegaCity HD – ColePowered has given Xperia™ users access to 2X power ups and six additional challenges.

Going forward, we will continue our collaborations with more developers, and there are currently a number of developers working hard on creating cool exclusive game content for Xperia™ smartphones. So, are you interested in being part of this initiative and get promoted in the Xperia™ exclusive channel?

How to become a part of the Xperia™ exclusive collection
If you’re interested in having your game be considered for the Xperia™ exclusive channel, the best place to start is by contacting us through the Stand out from the Crowd programme. This is a marketing programme, where we are looking to get in contact with innovative game developers, and where we can offer the opportunity to become a part of Sony’s marketing campaigns and social media activities. We can also help you fine-tune your games across Xperia™ smartphones and tablets with direct tech support, and early technical information.

If you contact us through the Standout from the Crowd programme, we’ll reach out to you directly if we think your game should be part of the Xperia™ exclusive channel!

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