Floating touch™ API now available [code example + tutorial]

This spring, we introduced a brand new technology called Floating touch in Xperia sola. This unique user experience lets you control parts of the user interface (UI) by simply letting your finger hover above the touchscreen. And with the release of the new Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update, a Floating touch API is now available. This means you can add Floating touch™ support to your apps! To learn more about this, check out the Floating Touch API tutorial made by Andreas Sandblad, Software Architect at Sony.  You’ll get all the details about this API plus a code example, which will enable you to get an innovative edge on your competition!

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  1. By Blaine Gibbons


    What if you were to use this technology to enlarge buttons and links as you hover over them, would that be possible?

  2. By Nitin Singh


    Everything is good in this phone except one thing no regular updates. Please update this phone with android kitkat because ics version is not stable its lags, no updates received after ics update. No stability improvement, nothing at all. Update centre application is empty after one year update. Please upddate it with Kitkat. Google designed it to work it with 512 mb ram. So update it please.

  3. By Prateek Gupta


    Does Sony Xperia U have a floating touch. I have a budget of Rs 15000.What is the best Sony Xperia I can buy nowadays.

    • By Anna Aleryd



      No, Xperia™ U doesn’t have Floating touch.

      Great to hear that you’re planning to buy an Xperia™ smartphone! I can’t tell you which one to go for, but check out our product gallery for all the alternatives.

      Anna from Developer World

  4. By Beni Inanma


    Well I guess if you added the (floating touch ) technology to other cellphones you would encourage the developers to work for it. The developers may think to work additionally if the whole brand is using this technology since there will be a lot more customers ,but when only one phone is using it, I think it will be hard for them to do it.
    It is not even the most sold phone from Sony (as I guess) I mean I don’t think the Sola has users as the Xperia S or Xperia T.
    If you added this feature to your next generation phones especially to the flagships, I think that the developers will recognize it more and then it will have more more chance to let them work for it.

    By The Way I am not a developer, I am only a user.

  5. By Avtar Singh Lall


    hi mam,
    i think if sony want to take on other brands in smart phone category then sony need its own os or other option is linux os

  6. By wally boy villas


    Hey developer.,.,what about xperia model 2011.,.there is no update now????My XPERIA RAY NEED UPDATE LIKE THAT.,.,What’s happening now//thank you so much.,.,god bless

  7. By Sumit Wadhwani


    I’m one of the “loyal” customer of Sony buying only Sony cell phones and recommending to others too..my whole family uses Sony cell phones..so I’m concerned about few things, which i feel that Sony should consider..
    1.The Floating Touch is a great technology which could b incorporated in most of the higher end cell phones in Xperia range as this technology gives a different “XPERIANCE” (it can be Xperia range’s diff feature)

    2.The Bright Magic display is stunning..I’m using Xperia S n my dad uses Xperia P..so I feel that Bright Magic technology should come in devices more than Xperia P, like Xperia S which has a “Superb Resolution”!!

    Sony is developing outstanding technologies and I love Sony a lot…

  8. By Anurag Aggarwal


    Hi Madam,
    Sony should make their floating touch screen a part of their flagship 2013 phone, also we can add a feature like we should get a preview of a message,email,photo,video etc by hovering over it, like in note 2 they have Airview (using a pen like in note 2 is not practical all times, this where our floating screen can score) .
    Also the floating access should work throughout the OS and must be greatly reliable.
    Apart from this the viewing angles of Sony phones need to improve a lot , as unlike TV we use our devices at various angles and move it about as per our convenience poor viewing angles hinders this ; however it provides the best picture quality an LCD can offer when we use the phone head on.

    Anurag Aggarwal

  9. By Thanh Le Xuan



  10. By joe273920002@gmail.com


    my xperia sola still can’t update 4.0
    my SL number is 1261-6991
    want to wait how long time???
    pls fast to give update,thanks

    • By Βανα Λυδακη


      u have to connect your phone with pc… install “SONY pc companion” and it will automaticlly tell u how to update to the newer version..

    • By Anna Aleryd



      Thank you for commenting. For questions regarding when a specific market or model will get the ICS update, please head over to our support forum.

      Anna from Developer World

      • By joe273920002@gmail.com


        ok ok, i just waiting only angain.
        support sony.
        sony is the best
        year year:)

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