3rd party developers to use new parameter for android.os.build.manufacturer

Ahoy ahoy developers! Here’s a short note for you – there are some parameters in class android.os.Build which are manufacturer and brand dependent, and as of now we are changing our manufacturer ID from “Sony Ericsson” to “Sony” in the parameter called android.os.Build.MANUFACTURER. Read on for more information on how to handle this.

We are aware that some applications are doing checks towards the android.os.Build.MANUFACTURER parameter, so if you are using this parameter, make sure to check for “Sony” to catch both instances of this manufacturer ID. This will ensure that all future and current devices are supported. Here’s a code example showing how it can be done:

   private boolean isSonySmartPhone() {
        String manufacturer =  android.os.Build.MANUFACTURER;
        if(manufacturer.toLowerCase().contains("sony")) {
             return true;
        return false;

For further information regarding the build parameters in Android, please see http://developer.android.com/reference/android/os/Build.html.

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