Sony Xperia™ V comes with sensor-on-lens touch screen technology

A few weeks back we announced the new Xperia V, which is a smart, sleek and durable LTE smartphone. It also features Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 and OptiContrast Panel, which delivers a superior viewing experience. But did you know that Xperia™ V includes innovative sensor-on-lens touch screen technology? This technology adds the same user benefits as in-cell and on-cell touch technology, which means you will get better image quality and a true direct touch experience.

Read on to learn more about sensor-on-lens technology and its benefits.

Sensor-on-lens touch technology means that the number of physical layers in the touch panel (handset stackup) is reduced, as the sensor layer is actually part of the lens itself. This in turn means that you will get better image quality, as there is no interference from the touch sensor component.  There is one less layer of glass and one less layer of glue, compared to conventional touch panels. Typically, you will get less haze and about 5% better display luminance without those extra layers.

With the sensor-on-lens touch technology, the phone is also made lighter and thinner, as an extra glass layer is removed (as needed in conventional handset stackups using a discrete touch sensor). This technology also moves the image plane closer to you as a user, which makes it feel like you are actually touching the image itself. With this direct touch experience, you will get less parallax issues compared to a conventional touch panel, as the image and the point of touch are closer together in the sensor-on-lens touch screen technology.

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  1. By Humza Zahid Zahid


    Your Xperia v touch screen. Is out of order in just 5month poor technology never buy Xperia again

  2. By Abdul Wasae Tariq


    I have a very important question. If you invent something better, why don’t you continue to use it in all or most of your products? For example, sola’s floating touch, SP’s gorrilla glass or Xperia V’s better display?

    btw, i have compared myself, xperia V’s display is the best among all other sony phones. i have even compared it fairly with ZU and Z1 (which happen to have a supposedly even better display technology called triluminous), V was still better. So, why not use it in all your next phones?

    I love sony. But you guys do know that you have long been criticized over uncompetitive screen displays.

    I am on a developer forum, so please give an elaborate, sensible and meaningful answer.

  3. By Karen Heyworth


    Can anybody help me can you get a docking station for xperia neo model number MT11i thank you

  4. By Mohammad El-Siddig


    Sony is my favorite :-
    Please Can You Add :-
    1- more filter in call log
    2- more filter in SMS
    3- (in case Off internet Cafe ) Proxy Settings ex; :8080

  5. By Manoj Kumar V


    i am eagerly waiting for sony xperia v . could any one can tell me the release date plzzzzzzz

  6. By Tony Philip


    when is the exact release of this Xperia V in Qatar

  7. By Ridwan Khalil


    Tobias Does the Xperia T/TX comes with Opticontrast Panel too?

  8. By Paul Mavrovouniotis


    I like the V but not Love it yet. Only phone I like so far of all smartphones, however I still hesitate to change my Neo over the V it lacks on details.

    To make me love it just add a camera button, make a removable battery(there is no other way to shut down the phone) and please make the phone smaller!

    Xperia T has 4.6 inch and Xperia V has 4.3 and they both have the same height, why, why?

    T is wider to hold vertical yes but V doesnt have to be the same length as T with its smaller screen, come on :/

    V spec/design phone, 4 inch, camera button (volume, power button ofcourse), covered ports and is Perfect.

    Only few details missing from the current one. Add Camera button, slightly reduce size of the current one and voila!

    Make and I believe!

  9. By SINU S


    HSPA+ version of Xperia V cancelled? WHY????? WHY W???? WHY?????

  10. By SINU S


    IS XPERIA V AVAILABLE IN INDIA??????????????????????? PLZ REPLY SONY…………………………………………………”HSPA+ version of Xperia V cancelled?” IS THIS TRUE?????? WHATS THE REASON??????? I AM SO DISAPPOINTED………………………………