Sony release binaries to support JBQ’s Vanilla Android Xperia™ S project [download]

As many of you already know, Jean-Baptiste Queru, aka JBQ, Technical Lead for the Android™ Open-Source Project (AOSP) at Google, recently started an open source project to build a vanilla Android version for Xperia S (LT26i). From Sony side, we welcome the project and support it with resources and contributions. We always try to promote and support external innovation and the openness that Android brings. We have now published binaries required for the LT26i project to progress. In addition, we want to encourage the open Android community to participate. Read on for download links and more information!

Following the announcement of the LT26i project based on the latest version of AOSP, which we think is a really nice project, we want to give the project our support. Björn Andersson, who is one of our senior engineers, will take lead from our side to help review and contribute patches to this project.

Now, since Jelly Bean, Google has dropped the support to extract binaries from a running device. Binaries are for example hardware drivers that are specific for a certain chipset. Instead of extracting them from the device, you can now download the binaries for Nexus devices from Google Developers. So in order for the LT26i project to progress, we are now providing the Xperia™ S binaries initially needed here on Sony Developer World. Since some of the binaries are proprietary files provided by Qualcomm, you can download Xperia S binaries after accepting an end-user license agreement that states how the files can be used and what limitations that exist.

Obviously a lot of more work is needed but we think it’s great to see the progress in this project, even if we can’t be sure if this software will ever be stable and complete enough for daily use (as also stated by Jean-Baptiste Queru). But we are really excited to see how community Android developers, in this case CyanogenMod, have put in efforts to contribute software patches to help the project move forward. With those patches, and the binaries we are now publishing, we now expect this project to be able to get an Xperia™ S to boot up and reach the homescreen, running the code of the project.

Check out the links below to follow the progress of the project!

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  1. By Johannes Eagling


    Can you please make a xperia s2 which has double everything the first xperia had .eg instead of dual-core processor there should be a quad-core,instead of one 12MP camera why not have two or one 24MP camera which is just better,it should have a bigger screen,be a little thinner and should have a higher pixel density. The design should stay the same because i think it looks great.Please take my thoughts into consideration

    from a great sony fan

  2. By Filip Amíček Minh Hoang


    Hi developers.
    This project continues or is terminated? For a long time I did not find any information … It’s a very good idea, if we had latest clear Android…

  3. By Aboody Ayesh


    when update xperia s to jeelybean?????????????????

    • By Anonymous


      SONY is SONY and will ever be… The rest is marketing… 😉

    • By Lee Cottrell


      ICS is here for me on my XPeria S, if you always wish to go bleeding edge, might I suggest a word of caution, there has been many a release that has been fexxoord and I would always prefer a peer review of people with sacrificial phones to upgrade rather than immediately jumping on the next minor release.

      ICS worked fine, it might depend on your carrier if they have locked it, mine was a full retail, and got the update alert several weeks ago, installed with no drama, many improvements, espescially the prolonged battery life (due to lower processor overheads I am assuming)

      There is also the news that Sony are going to remove or under state timescape so to allow nexus style updating, which I believe is a good thing, even though sony was on my boycott list for nearly 7 years, however afetr trying the samsungs S2 S3 and the HTCs and the other models I could find, tries an iPhones 4s didn’t see the fuss, I chose the sony because of it’s media capabilities and I believe a good lifespan, (not to mention it sleek black sexiness ;p )

      if you must sell and get a samsung whilst excellent devices, the reasons you chose the S in the first place will make you think of your decisions (espescially if you have smaller than average hands like myself 🙂 )

  4. By Antonio Guzman


    Estoy contento con el xperia s, pero la bateria no me dura mucho,lo cargo en la noche y a las 6 de la tarde del otro dia ya tiene el 15%, no lo uso mucho ni internet ni reproduzco musico ¿que puedo hacer? .Ademas si juego 15 minutos se calienta el telefono (no en internet). Agradeceria consejo para estos problemas. GRACIAS.

  5. By Pavel Voloshin


    That is all very nice, but Sony staff is better to do something with the camera quality on Xperia S. It has the worsest pictures I ve seen in years (especially indoors). The color noise is terrible and the pictures are really blurry. Dont you look at your forum – there are hundreds of people that outraged by the quality of Xperia S camera! For the first time in five years I had to get a separate digital cam, cause Xperia S shoots worse than 3mpx cameras of some low end phones!

    • By Karl-Johan Dahlström


      I have forwarded your feedback internally. However the more official forum to leave consumer feedback is over at

      • By Pavel Voloshin


        Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback. I hope there will be some progress on this matter cause I don’t want to give up on such good standing company as Sony just yet. I also want to add that I really like all other features of Xperia S such as great display, music or really good GPS, but for me the camera is one of the most important features on any phone and this time it was a real disappointment to say politely. As to official forum – there this is one of the most popular discussions with 60 pages already in Xperia S section (with dozens of similar topics) and it was started as early as in April and since that time the owners of Xperia S had not received any solution or even official acknowledgment of the Xperia S camera problem. Perhaps someone from Sony should finally take a look at this discussion –

  6. By Jhune Wayco


    Hey sony staff you have a promise to upgrade the xperia S within the second quarter, It is already fourth quarter where is the 4.0 sandwich ice cream as you promise, your technology are far behind with HTC and samsung come on guys wake up…..

    • By Karl-Johan Dahlström


      Xperia S have received ICS upgrade. Depending on which Sales Item your Xperia S have, you can find the details over at our talk forum, which is more appropriate when it comes to SW release questions.

  7. By Matic Lah


    I’m buying a new phone and in my country there is not much to chose from and i don’t have the biggest budget and income, but I fell in love whit the Arc S and its design and camera. Till 1 hour ago i was 100% sure to buy it but now I see that it may not get the Jelly Bean upgrade whit many must have features and amazing performance improve. I hope to receive some info if Jelly Bean update will be available for Arc S, and if I should buy the phone. Please leak some info to us if there is some hope in getting the awesome Jelly Bean update for late 2011 device or should I consider buying another phone :/ Thank You for your time if reading this and replaying!

  8. By Anonymous


    Would really love to get involved in this but unfortunately my phone has the locked boot loader and its not allowed to be unlocked… my carrier I supposed forced this on Sony. So if Sony had a way to unlock this safely then I would be a happy person.

  9. By maycol rolando rodríguez mallqui


    do not forget the sony ericsson xperia X10a android 4.0 ICS launch please … when going to release ICS for the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10a

  10. By Pj Almonte


    I have a xperia s and i pretty much love it. Fast capture doesn’t work as fast as advertised but it gets the job done most of the time. I love the camera, audio quality and the screen resolution. i am content with ice cream sandwich although im eagerly awaiting for jellybean. My hope is that with jellybean you guys implement better software for the audio jack. its a hit an miss endeavor when you plug something in it. Beats dont work properly, shure’s dont work properly and even yesterday i bought freaking live sound hifi made by sony and it doesn’t even detect them!. whats the point fo having a “standar 3.5mm headphone jack” if its not going to play along with the other headphones. YOu have to press down the volume rocker on the headsets to get them to sound, the mic or buttons wont work either way is appalling really. please fix this problem because you advertise this as a walkman too, which when you get it to work its great but come on, fix this thing and make it a great walkman

  11. By Faisal Khokar


    i am not a lot satisfied with ice cream sandwhich n i would really like and if u guyz try n get it to jelly bean coz its one of da best devices right now n with jelly bean it goes to a new level……..
    i myself own 1 xpeia s

  12. By Seint Shadi


    I am so disappointed to buy this phone , Very bad Camera , Red eye reduction never works ! and the phone crashes and freezes , I’ll sell my phone to buy a samsung ! sorry !