Developing the next gen music app at Way out West [video]

One of the biggest and most influential music festivals in Northern Europe is Way Out West, in Gothenburg, Sweden. This year it took place on August 9-11, and it was preceded by a three day music hackathon in which Sony was part. The mission for the developers taking part in this hackathon was to try to create and build the next great music app. As part of the Sony collaboration with Gracenote, developers were presented with the opportunity to develop apps using the Gracenote API. Through the API, the participating developers could get access to the world’s largest database of music and video material. Check out the video above to get a glimpse of the action!


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  1. By Calvin Wk Chan


    It’s been 10 years now Sony has been unconditionally getting my love & loyal support. However, i think it’s HIGH time to say ‘ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END, FOR LIFE IS A JOURNEY, NEVER A DESTINATION’

    On the 31st of August, 2012, I decided to reward mysell with my ‘dream phone’ the Xperia Arc S.

    To my horror, in less than 10 days of usage, I could only encounter UTTER EMBARASSMENT when i was ‘caught out’ in a weekend gathering, ‘showing’ off the capabilities of this Award-winning Camera Mobile Phone. In short, i had to ‘borrow’ a 2-year old iPhone 4 as a Hotspot to enable me to connect to the host’s Wifi Network and post my newly-taken Arc S photos. Even an old NOKIA XPRESS MUSIC had FULL BARS, as did a USD 150 Samsung touch-screen ‘non-Smartphone’. As for the new Arc S, it couldn’t even detect nor manually connect to the wifi.

    Next, at the office, side by side with an old Xperia x10i, my ARC S could only have 1-2 fluctuating bars of wifi connection, and the 2.3.3 x10i had FULL BARS, all within a distance of only 10 feet away from the router!

    MORE TO COME : Back at home, less than 15feet (no walls) away from my router, it could only accord me a miserable 1 BAR (perhaps it is out of SYMPATHY i guess)

    Well, what more can I say except that in less than 2 weeks, Sony had just banished my loyalty & UNCONDITIONAL love. PERIOD.

    Note : Still running out-of-the-box 2.3.4 due the 3 Service Centres that i had visited had advised me against the updating to 4.1.B.0.587
    I am totally confused here between firmware & software. But anyway, if a USD 150 non-smartphone could afford to supply a STRONG
    QUALITY wifi antennae, I am flabbergasted as to why an established company like Sony can’t?

  2. By ruben pérez


    why sony dont concentrate in create a phone to destroy the others phones like iphone, my opinion is sony can create revolutionary phone on the world, and the first think they have to create a phone with a browser speed more than theirs phones have 🙁 in a browsermark they have 35.000 and others phones have more to much more

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