Haven’t submitted your SmartWatch app idea yet? Meet us at Uplinq

Uplinq 2012 is just around the corner (June 27 & 28 in San Diego, California), and it’s a great opportunity to pitch us your last-minute SmartWatch app ideas for the SmartWatch Developer Campaign. In addition, we’ve got a great line up of developer activities for you during the event. Schedule a private, one-on-one meeting with us through the Uplinq Market Match program. Join the Mobile CodeFest and Hackathon happening on June 26 to get exclusive, hands-on programming and testing with recently announced Sony Mobile smartphones. And come stop by our booth (#218) to demo our latest products.

Uplinq is one of the best conferences for mobile developers, offering technical education and vital business connections across multiple leading platforms, including Android and HTML5. Sony Mobile will be part of Uplinq, and you are more than welcome to meet and join us in a number of different activities. First and foremost, you will have a last chance of getting a free SmartWatch, if you pitch a solid app idea to us. You can also join us in the Uplinq Market Match program and the Mobile CodeFest and Hackathon.

Check out our latest portfolio and pitch your SmartWatch app ideas

You will find Sony Mobile in booth #218, where you can check out the latest Xperia™ smartphones and mobile accessories. You can also meet with Sony Mobile reps from the Developer World team, business development and marketing, to ask technical questions or discuss potential partnership activities. It will also be the final opportunity to pitch your SmartWatch app ideas to us for the SmartWatch developer campaign, and to take a home a device of your own. You can fill out this form and give it to us in person at Uplinq on June 27, and come back to the booth on June 28 to see if you qualify for a free SmartWatch device.

Meet one on one with Sony Mobile at Market Match

Back by popular demand, Uplinq’s Market Match program gives you the opportunity to meet with Sony Mobile with a personal, 10 minute session, to talk about potential partnerships around mobile content. Christine Lee, Business Development Manager at Sony Mobile, will be participating in the Market Match session. She comments, “I’m looking forward to meeting developers and studios for possible partnerships that can strengthen our mobile app portfolio”. She can also tell you about what Sony Mobile has to offer developers, such as distribution channels (Sony Recommender), as well as inclusion in our Partner Zone program, which gives developers and partners access to developer tips, tutorial, confidential product information, and access to devices. Submit your meeting request to book your Market Match session at Uplinq.

Christine Lee, Business Development Manager at Sony Mobile 

Hack, code and program with APIs using the latest Sony Mobile smartphones

Uplinq’s Mobile CodeFest and Hackathon is a pre-conference tech day for coders who want hands-on, deep dive training on how to exploit mobile technology to create extraordinary user experiences. Attend workshops covering topics such as augmented reality, proximity-based peer to peer experiences, and 3D graphics and gaming applications. Sony Mobile will be present with a booth where you can check out our latest smartphones, and possibly win one to take home. If you’re interested in attending the Mobile Codefest, make sure to register today. (Make sure to check the box indicating that you want to attend Mobile CodeFest during step 1 of registration.)

Hope to see you at Uplinq! Got any questions or concerns? Just leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Feature image courtesy of rachjose @ Morguefile.

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  1. By David RiveraRuiz


    I have an Idea why not make a tablet that you could connect to your car system as well. Im going to try but with the help of a blutooth compatible touchscreen radio. But what if the tablet became universal this way? Like have actual plugs to do this where one could totaly eliminate the stereo and just have a tablet base that the tablet could click and plug into like a detachable face stereo? Come up with something like this and I would buy it. Just saying. Or maybe your team has already come up with such a thing? If you have point me to the wright direction on where I could get one of those?

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