SmartWatch firmware update released (and you can still get a free device)

Last week we released a firmware update for the Sony SmartWatch, which includes new UI updates and improved performance. And if you’re a developer, don’t forget that you can get a free SmartWatch device if you come up with a good idea and plan for a new SmartWatch extension. If you submit a new SmartWatch enabled app to Google Play before June 26, we will also send you a Smart Wireless Headset pro as a bonus! We might also ask to promote your app in Sony’s social media channels… Check out the video above, and the Free SmartWatch campaign page to learn more!

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  1. By Worshlp Navarro Acosta


    it is not working on android version 4.2 can you make update for the smartwatch so it will be compatible with the device

  2. By Mizraim Romero Bertoni


    I’ve tried to connect over and over again, with several phones, and does not work, no one can help me, I’ll have to send it to warranty, one month or more waiting to get my watch back 🙁

  3. By Mika LLL



    I have like million ideas on how to use and develop SmartWatch and NFC technology.

    I wish there was a way to sell or giveaway these ideas to someone.

    Best regards

  4. By Mizraim Romero Bertoni


    Few days ago, I have bought this SmartWatch and i have not reached it to connect with my phone, thats because the update 1.2.33, now I got the last 1.2.34, but my watch is still not working, i can’t see even the watch, after the validation numbers it restarts over and over again. After these steps, the pop up message for install SmartWatch app no appears on the phone… I’m really angry!!!! Watch this

    • By Tobias Nilsson


      Hi Mizraim,

      thanks for your comment and video! It’s a strange error. I’ve talked to some of the engineers here, and they recommend you to be patient and keep trying to connect a number of times with the battery fully loaded. Hopefully it will do the trick. But if not, there seems to be something malfunctioning with your unit, and you should contact you local Sony Xperia customer support. Check out this page for more information:

      Good luck!

      Tobias from Developer World

      • By edi win


        Hi Tobias,

        I have the same problem with my smartwatch. How this was solved?
        FYI, I have just bought my smartwatch a week ago, I have been trying many times but it is not working.

        Thanks in advance

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